Hindi Musician ( 0 - 12 )

Sharan Rani Backliwal

Sharik Khan


The Sound Of Music Played By Musicians

Musicians are well trained and have learnt to play certain music instruments well over the years.They are able to read music and understand the pitch and tones of a song. They might even write their own songs. Some singers are great musicians and play their own songs for the albums. They even go on to be producers and recorders of their own labels. Singers and musicians tend to release albums, something like a collection of songs. Some singers and musicians form a band and sing songs together. They collaborate with other singers and musicians for either promotional or charitable purposes. They might go on music tours as well. Musicians tend to release singles and / or albums depending on their genre.

A singer, musician or band write and record songs. They perform on shows and concerts for their fans. Many of them have their own set of fan followers. Singers / musicians even promote their own music on social media and radio shows. Music festivals are held where singers from a variety of genres come and share their music to their fans and public