Anu Malik is considered as one of the most famous and successful music directors from film industry. He has also established his name as a singer. He began his career as a music director in 1977. He gave the music for the film Hunterwali. He became famous in 1990s by delivering the blockbusters like Baazigar,Janam and so on. We can say 1990 to 2000s was the golden period of his career. He was awarded a National Award for his phenomenal music for the film Refugee. His other blockbusters were Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan or also known as SRK is a prominent >> Read More... starrer Mai Hoon Na and Baazigar . This movie gave him a Filmfare Award of Best Music Director. He has made a record of winning this trophy for 6 times. Anu Malik has given his versatile music for more than 350 films. He is considered as the most promising music director from the industry. So his songs like Garam Chaye Ki Pyali, Mehbooba Mehbooba, Gori Gori are some of the most famous songs from his compositions. He has also successfully played the role of a judge in the reality show Indian Idol Indian Idol is a very popular singing reality show >> Read More... . And has also made a presence in many T.V. shows. Anu Malik has successfully tried many gener in his compositions from a soulful love song to a dance number. He has different style of composition.
Ankur Tewari Hindi Actor

Ankur Tewari

Ankur Tiwari, now a Bollywood mainstay, can boast of a very versatile profile, being musician, writer and actor all rolled into one, but he would himself admit that his first and overwhelming infatuation has been with music and music alone. Of course, his creativity has also shone in his writings when he has taken it seriously. Ankur had trifle uncommon beginnings, having been born in Belgium. But was back in India soon after, and was left coping with his school studies in the relative obscurity of a small town in UP. Later on, finding nothing else suiting him better, he settled for Hotel Management in Bhopal, and was trying to fast forward his career during his training at a 5 star in Delhi. That is when the thought stuck him to junk all pretense and head straight to the Western metropolis hoping to fulfill his all musical dreams. He did head for Mumbai, but his dreams seemed shattered, at least for the time being, and he headed back to Delhi making some compromises to promote his musical pursuits – he diversified into screenplay writing and the other background skills of film making. Things now started going his way, and soon he was back in Mumbai in connection with the finishing processes of a film he was directing with a Delhi friend. But the good thing was he had at last found a music company that agreed to publish his music. So Ankur Tiwari the musician had finally emerged, but in the bargain the industry also got a multi skilled person who could write stories and scripts; pen down lyrics and also set them to tune, and finally enact those roles, some of which he himself had helped create through his stories and scripts. Ankur has been so far involved in about 13 films in some category or the other. Some of his more well- known contributions have been in “Soundtrack” where he performed all three roles of lyricist, composer as well as singer; “Raat Gayi Baat Gayi” in which he composed the lyrics and also did the playback; and finally, the award winning “Slumdog Millionaire” where he enacted the character of Dave. He also wrote the stories of his first film “Let’s Enjoy” and also for “Gattu”.


Chirantan Bhatt

Chirantan Bhatt is an Indian music composer who sets music for Bolllywod and Tollywood. He is known in the industry for his melodious hard rock music. He also has introduced two new talented young singers Sidharth Basrur& Tia Bajpai for his album ‘Haunted 3-D’. Chirantan Bhat is the son of Arun Bhatt a noted Gujarati filmmaker and grandson of famous producer and director of Hindi Cinema, Vijay Bhatt. Mission Istanbul (2008) is his first movie as a composer. After this film, he composed for many movies. Romantic songs in Bollywood have a typical feel and music director Chirantan Bhatt’s musical numbers is no different from that. Whenever there is demand for more melody, romance, emotions, we all look at today’s music composer Chirantan Bhat( earlier it was Pritam and Annu Malik). The greatest ideology on which this composer sets music is that he introduced soft rock instrumentation to add melody that always has smooth and relaxed feeling. This music director has been in the news for donning the composers’ hat for many popular songs in Bollywood and just now had made his debut in Tollywood too. Born and brought up un a family of film-makers, singer and musician Chirantan Bhatt rose to fame with hit songs like ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’, ‘Mission Mission’ and ‘Kabhi Na Kabhi. Sometimes we find his soundtrack is best, especially for a number ‘Nijamenani Nammani’ sung by Shreya Ghosal, which brings out’ Charukesi raga’ that revokes inexplicable emotion in our heart. In many of his composition we find even the opening “alaap” is always unmistakable. It is true sometime his composition is quite repetitive and we have heard umpteen songs that have similar arrangements. But definitely one would agree that every song of Chirantan has huge appeal and a passable number always. Today, Bhatt’s style means a composition that has a mix of melodious, rock and love songs. In future, we hope he will share more the evolving music scene in the country

Chirantan Bhatt Hindi Actor