Sharang Dev Hindi Actor

Sharang Dev is a famous and much reputed Music Director. He has composed music for many movies. Sharang Dev is the brother of a much reputed and a well known Original Content Producer, who also founded an entertainment company in 1999, . Sharang Dev was born and raised by her father and mother in Mumbai. His Father, Jasraj is a famous Indian Classical Vocalist. Sharang dev learned all the music techniques from his father. Sharang Claims that his father has always been there, helping him in his musical talents. Sharang dev debuted into the music world by directing the music for the movie, Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro in the year 1990. His work in the movie was so good that he was offered another movie for directing its music, the same year.

Thus, in 1999, Sharang composed music for the movie Rihaee. After that. Sharang had a little set back from the music Industry and wasn’t offered any movie in the following years. But in 1996, he was offered to direct music for the movie Naseem. The music in the movie was appreciated and liked by most of the viewers. In 1997, he composed and directed music for the movie Aastha. Later in 2006, he composed the background music for the movie Ishyaa. His most notable work was in the movie Ramayana - The Epic, in the year 2010. In 2013, he even directed an entire movie along with its music, Aankhein 2. Unfortunately, for some reasons, the movie didn’t release. Sharaang Dev is an underrated music director who is capable of composing good quality music.