Hindi Model ( 12 - 24 )

Sara Tendulkar

Sini Shetty

Aagaz Akhtar

Shrea Prasad

Aadhya Anand

Raghvika Kohli

Sakshi Keswani


Models Are The Role Models Of Fashion

A model is someone who models clothes, accessories or anything fashion related for a fashion designer on the runway. There are both male and female models. Modeling is a way of visual display and advertising of their fashion designs / work on models. Models can be either be freelancers or work under a larger company. They usually work for a specific fashion brand or label. They are usually picked from talent hunts or beauty competitions.

Models are expected to be trendy and fashionable all the time. There are different kinds of modeling which are separated on the basis of clothes, accessories, shoes etc. Nowadays modeling is also done for other purposes such as to sell cars or perfumes. Some models even feature in music videos or films. Modeling is a professional job and other celebrities, singers, sports people, dancers, famous personalities take up modeling for their favorite fashion brands or as a job opportunity for their popularity.