Ever since Channel V India discontinued music programming and started concentrating on purely original content through programming addressing youth issues, the fun serials it produced have hit the right cord in the younger generation of TV viewers. In fact, these serials are quite differentiated from the usual saas – bahu soaps that haunt almost all other TV channels across India, and mostly cater to womenfolk or the slightly older generation. With its steadily growing viewership, it was no surprise, therefore, that handsome and happy go lucky Anshuman Malhotra shot into immediate recognition with his portrayal of the almost comic role of Dodo in the 2014 serial “Yeh Jawani Ta Ra Ri (YJTRR)”. While Channel V’s continuing policy of inducting new comers paid off once again, for Anshuman it was also like a godsend, since not all of his age or background could have been so fortunate, that too, just after finishing school. But it really was not that easy after all, since Anshuman had confided later that after he had shifted to Mumbai with his dad, he did join acting school, and at the same time started auditioning for various roles. When this opportunity came his way, he grabbed it with both hands. In a slightly more mature tone he advises other hopefuls like him to pay attention to training and grooming. 

In the period between his featuring in the next youth centric serial, this time for the MTV channel, Anshuman briefly stole some minor headlines for his first film appearance, and that too in the much acclaimed film 2014 “ Haider Click to look into! >> Read More... Haider ” of Vishal Bharadwaj, where he acted as the young Shahid Kapoor Shahid Kapoor also identifies as the name Shahid K >> Read More... Shahid Kapoor . Roles like this always draw the attention of the audience, especially if the person in that role is a known face. In an indirect way it no doubt enhanced his following, and also his exposure for future prospects in films. Coming to his MTV debut serial “ Warrior High Warrior High was a youth show. It was created by V >> Read More... Warrior High ” , he got used to answering whispered questions about his being the cousin of the much in demand youth films producer Vikas Gupta Vikas Gupta, the man filled with passion and creat >> Read More... Vikas Gupta , who coincidentally was the producer of “Warrior High”. Anshuman, however, faces such questions bluntly and says it had no part to play in his bagging the role, and it was much more to do with his training and grooming, as well as the very positive reviews he had received for “YJTRR”.

“Warrior High” has its own similarities with his earlier Channel V serial, both being about a group of youths basically, but there are the differences too, as Anshuman readily points out. Here he is not really the happy go lucky boy, but an orphan named Utkarsh Rajput, and with that role he needed a lot of maturity in his performance, and inject those subtle nuances that he had picked up in his acting school. All in all, he has received kudos for the way he has built up the character of Utkarsh Rajput.

While Anshuman hates being compared to the young actors of films like “Student of the Year”, and retorts that there are no comparisons with the role of either Dodo or Utkarsh, at the same time he feels he would not be comfortable at all doing the typical family soap on TV. He would rather prefer acting in films, which would provide him much more variety and satisfaction instead of getting stereotyped.