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Meghna Gulzar is among the few female directors in Indian cinema. And this talented lady doesn’t have a belief on feminism. Meghna Gulzar is the daughter of prominent lyricist, screenwriter and director Gulzar. Renowned yesteryear actress Rakhee is her mother. 

Born on 13 December 1973, Meghna made her directorial debut with the 2002 flick Filhaal, which had Sushmita Sen What is the essence of being a woman? her winning >> Read More... , Tabu, Palash Sen Palash Sen is an Indian singer, songwriter, m >> Read More... and Sanjay Suri Sanjay Suri is known as an actor in Bollywood. The >> Read More... sharing screen space. This film was critically well received. Filhaal delved into the sensitive topic as a surrogate mother. But the movie was not a commercial success. Poranmasi (short film) and Just Married Click to look into! >> Read More... are the other directorial ventures of Meghna. Just Married deals with the initial days of a newly married couple. 

Meghna kick started her career in writing, by donning the role of freelance writer for Times of India. She was also associated with NFDC publication Cinema India. 

Meghna wanted to produce films the way she wanted. Meghna feels that there should be development in a film maker’s career, otherwise there is no point in making films. 

Meghna has written a biography about her talented father Gulzar.This book follows her father’s hardship days and also his successful tenure in the Hindi film industry. Creativity is in the genes and this lady has got it from her father. She had also written poems and they have been published. 

Meghna didn’t take her film career easy; before venturing into it, she did documentaries and music videos. Also, she did an international production course on movies. She in fact, helped her father in Hu Tu Tu. 

Meghna is quite an introvert, but is known to be a hard task master in the sets. Meghna is wedded to a banker named Govind Sandhu. At present she is working on a work which falls under the production of Vishal Bharadwaj and her father Gulzar.


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