Jenner Jose is known to have been a very multi-talented person in the Indian film industry as he had taken upon himself all the work that were required him to do for his debut movie Ooops A Desi, which starred new-comers Buali Shah Born in Pakistan and brought up in the States; BuA >> Read More... Buali Shah and Adnan Khalid Adnan Khalid is an actor in the Indian film indust >> Read More... Adnan Khalid . He is known to be a director in the Bollywood industry. Apart from this, he is also a very capable producer. He has the production house named Jenner Entertainment under his name. He had always been fascinated by the film industry and wanted to make a mark in it since childhood. On the first day of his Kinder Garten, he saw the shooting of the movie named Jugnoo. It is after that that he started gaining interest in the nuances of the process that goes behind the making of a film. He has been a professional in the field of Industrial Technology and holds an experience of working 20 years in various IT firms like IBM among many others. However, once he realized that he had it in him to work in the film industry; he also took extensive training in the art of filmmaking from the USA.

This made him an exceptional blend of creativity that if worked well can be beautifully amalgamated with technology to create a masterpiece. He relied completely on his skills and talents as he knew no one from the film industry before entering it. He directed a movie named Ooops A Desi under his production banner. He is a very talented person and has been credited to not just direct and produce the film but also to have written the story and the screenplay of the movie. He had also taken upon himself to act like a villain in the same film when the actor backed out at the last moment. His message for the youth of India is never to give up in any situation, however, bad they may look in the beginning because at the end of the day, everything falls into place.