Guru Dutt

Other names of Guru Dutt: Vasanth Kumar Shivashankar Padukone
Guru Dutt Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 09-07-1925
  • Date of death: 10-10-1964
  • Star Sign : Cancer
Other Skills
Born on 9th July 1925, Guru Dutt was an Indian actor, producer and director. His original name is Vasanth Kumar Shivashankar Padukone. Pyaasa, Sahib Biwi aur Ghulam, Kaagaz ke Phool and Chaudvin Ka Chand were some of his memorable films. In fact, Kaagaz ke Phool and Pyaasa are considered as best films of all time by a leading magazine (Kaagaz Ke Phool was a flop and Guru Dutt who worked very hard for it gave up direction ever since). Guru Dutt is included in the list of all-time best film directors. Also, CNN credited him as one of the top 25 Asian actors during the year 2010. 

Artistic films are Guru Dutt’s forte. Most of the works that he did during the later stages had a passionate fan base. When his films are released again in theaters, they receive good response even in foreign countries. 

Since Guru Dutt was influenced by the Bengali culture, he added the surname Dutt. Though Bengali is not his mother tongue, he became fluent in it. Guru Dutt started his career as a telephone operator, but he was not interested in the same. Later he worked under a contract with Prabhat Film Company and Studio in Pune and this is where, he got the life-long friendship of Dev Anand Dev Anand would be nostalgically remembered by fil >> Read More... Dev Anand and Rehman.

Guru Dutt started his acting career in a minute role in the film Chand (1944) where he enacted the role of Shri Krishna Shri Krishna was an Indian television serial which >> Read More... Shri Krishna . Later he worked as assistant director and choreographer in few films. When Guru Dutt was unemployed for some time he developed a passion for writing and wrote “Pyaasa”.

The film “ Baazi Story soon >> Read More... Baazi ” which starred Dev Anand and directed by Guru Dutt was a hit and considered to be a trend setter for forthcoming crime movies. Dutt took up acting with the film Baaz in which he acted as well as directed. But this film was an average grosser and Guru Dutt came to limelight only with the film Aar-Paar in 1954. After quitting direction Dutt didn’t forsake production and acting.

Gurudutt may have worked only in 50 films, but his films are still viewed with regard for their artistic flavor. There is no doubt that Guru Dutt is a genius, but his death is indeed a tragedy since he reportedly died of overdose of pills, at the age of 39. Though Guru Dutt died very early, he would always be considered as one of the greatest icons of Indian cinema.