Jaideep Chopra is an Indian film director, producer, and writer. He was born on 28th December 1971. At present, he lives in Mumbai of Maharashtra. He completed his schooling in New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... New Delhi . For pursuing engineering, he went to Mumbai. In Mumbai, he was attracted to Bollywood. He wanted to work for Bollywood from his young age but could not go ahead.

After engineering, he started his small scale manufacturing unit. Within the short span of six years, the company supplied all kinds of electrical products ranging from doorbells to cell chargers. Then he entered into telecommunication industry. He was one of the pioneers to get Chinese mobiles to India. They were inexpensive phones which attracted large masses.   

After partnering with Chinese brand G’ Five, he made the G’Five company as the second best-selling brand in India in 2010 with his practical and brilliant business strategies. Because of this assignment, he became the vice president of G’Five International.

In 2012-13, he made a movie titled Maazii. It is his first film. He was both producer and director of this film. The meaning of the movie title is “the past” in Urdu. The genre of the movie is a thriller . The movie was widely appreciated and won many critical acclaims. Jaideep Chopra also won many awards for Best Independent Film 2013 in IBN LIVE Film Awards, Honorable Mention in Foreign Film Category of Sunset Film Festival Los Angeles 2014, Award of Merit in Foreign Independent Film Category of Indie Film Fest California 2014, etc.

At present, he is making a new film titled ‘2016 The End’. The film is scheduled to release on Dec 3rd, 2016. It has a tagline as ‘What would you do if the world ends in seven days?’