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Hindi Artists ( 0 - 12 )

Alka Nath

Youtuber Shikha Sharma

Armaan Malik -Youtuber

Anwesh Sahoo

Dhruv Shah

Alicia Souza


Artist Are Of Creation And Beauty

Any creative person having the skill to present their creation well is an artist. An artist may be an actor, a poet, a singer, a filmmaker, a painter, or a photographer. The artists have an imaginative mind with a creative flair. Mostly the usage of the word ‘artist’ is for the ones who are trained at performing arts and eventually taken it up as a profession. In the entertainment industry, the presence of artists is important at almost every stage.

From writing down the script- there are poetic parts in certain movies which poets and lyricists pen down in different languages, to casting- which may include several theatre artists; also there are many voice-over artists, and vocalists who perform on stage and make theatre appearances. There may be times when posters or teasers of films or televisions are hand-made; often there are films based on painters and poetry.

Music can be created unconventionally- fusion of different musical genres, mixing of vintage songs of same or different languages, remaking songs to make it sound a lot more different from its original version, or simply the creation of Foley sounds. Also there are several arts which might be incorporated in the entertainment industry- like kalaripayattu, sand art, local or folk dances and the like.