Dynamo English Actor
  • DOB : 17-12-1982
  • Age : 38
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Humans have always been fascinated by magic. Although there is no concrete proof regarding the existence of wizards and witches, magicians are the closest people that we could associate with them. Dynamo is one such person. His real name is Steven Frayne. Steven took birth in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, on December 17, 1982. His mother was English while his father's ancestors belonged to the community of Pakistani Pathan. As a child, his classmates used to bully him. When his grandfather came to know about it, he taught him a trick about making oneself look a lot healthier and hefty without being one. It helped Steven a lot as the bullies stopped picking petty fights with him thinking him to be stronger than them.

It compelled him to bestow his attention on the art of magic, and that is how he got hooked on it. Initially, Steven struggled a lot and used to do small gigs. After enthralling the local audience and gaining a credible reputation, he made his first appearance on the small screen in Richard & Judy, a talk show. Its success propelled the Channel 4 network to make a serial named Dynamo's State Of Mind. However, of all his TV shows, nothing could become as successful as Dynamo: Magician Impossible. Inner Circle Films and Phil McIntyre Productions produced it, and Universal Networks International and Watch Channel telecasted it. It was a strong contender to win the 17th National Television Awards but eventually came second as Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow won it.

Steven has also released some DVDs like Dynamo's Underground Magic, Dynamo's Concrete Playground, and others. Steven has also featured in advertisements of global brands like Pepsi, Nokia, Adidas, and others. He has walked the ramp for the Fashion for Relief. In 2009, Steven performed live magic on Matt Lucas, a comedian, as Steven levitated him off the ground at the height of four feet. He has executed many such tricks on several celebrities. Steven has also judged 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' for a day. He is the author of Nothing is Impossible, his autobiography. In 2012, Steven won the Best Entertainment Programme award for Broadcast Awards. In the same year, The Magic Circle, a community consisting of only magicians, promoted him to the position of the Associate of the Inner Magic Circle. He is also the winner of Magician of the Year award from The Academy of Magical Arts.