M.C. Gainey English Actor
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M.C.Gaineyshort for Michael Connor Gainey is an Artist of the U.S.A. Gainey was born in Jackson, Mississippi, USA on January 18th, 1948. Presently at the age of 68 is still active in the cinema field with his voice over and acting skills. He has played several roles of negative shade and also as a comedian in majority of films.Hismuscular appearance with a height of 6’2 and with a hairy moustache was more suitable for negative roles than being in positives. In 1970s, he Started schooling at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Gainey along with Ken Hixon attended the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. His interests towards body building made him work along with the UNDER TAKER. In 1981, he made his film-screen debut in the movie Pennies from Heaven as a policeman of sincerity. Because of personality he continuously got selected in nearly over 50 movies as cops and also as a thug role in many of his cinemas.

His famous movies include Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines which was a great opportunity to act in, The Last Cowboy. Gainey appeared as a cuckolded husband in an award winning film of sideways. In 2010 he gave a voice over to the role of Captain of the Palace Guard in Tangled an animation movie. He appeared in films like The Dukes of Hazzard a 2005 Hollywood comedy entertainer with a major role, Wild Hogs and Mr. Woodcock in 2007 with most fascinated roles.

Gainey gave his first debut in TV series with the show “The Pitts” in 1981 and later on acted in many TV shows like The fall guy, Simon and Simon, The Commish, NightCcourt, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Adventures of BriscoJunior, Touched by Angel, The home court, The Pretender, Walker, The Texas Ranger, Justified and many such TV shows. Of all them his presence got most reorganization to the role of J.T.meigs in the show revolving against the law, as Tom in the show LOST and as a drug dealer inJustified.

Though Gainey is a good actor,his voice gained more attraction which made him dubbing artist of Tangled and the wonderful world of Disney animated movies with voice-over for captain of the guard. Gainey got married to Kim Novicki in 2002 and his presence in movies still continues.