John Terry English Actor

John Terry is an American artist in movies, TV shows and even stages. Terry was born in January 25, 1950 in Florida, USA. His presence is more in TV showsas compared to his film carrier. Terry gained recognition in acting with the role of Christian Stephard in the TV series LOST. Next he played the role of supporting and generous character in “Full Metal Jacket”.

He is a handsome actor with a square face and a height of 6 feet having a impactful personality. He is known for his generous talks and is a professional speaker too. With his character he gained a great fan base among the film industry even. He started his schooling at Vero Beach High School. He also attended Loomis Chaffee prep school in Windsor. Later in North Carolina, he began a career with original homes of custom log. He worked in local demos shows.

In Alaska he founded a river rafting company and worked for some time until his interest in acting became passionate. At age of 30 he became a full-time actor by sailing to New York City where he got famous with his acting skills. ‘sdebut was a commander in motley band of warriors which was a leading role of the film “Hawk The Slayer” in 1980. Soonhe got chances to act in movies like A Dangerous Woman, The Resurrected, Of Mice And Men, In Country, The Living Daylights, Full Metal Jacket, Wild Geese II, Spring Break, There Goes The Bride, The big green, Reflections in the Dark, Steal Me, Into the West, , and Zodiac was the latest on screen for the movies of Terry in which he played the leading roles. His screen presence made audience get attached to the screen always.

Though he acted in many movies he got more appreciation on methods of acting from the TV shows which he acted.Terry made a debut into the TV shows with Lost: The Missing Peices which was a suspense thriller. Later he got a chance to act in many TV shows like Against the Grain, ER, 24 in 2003, Las Vegas Serial Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... Las Vegas , Wildfire, CSI:Miami and CSI:NY in 2008, trauma, LOST in 2010, Brothers and Sisters, and his latest presence was in CharilesAngels in 2011. 24 was a sensational hit. He was mostly prone to the roles of doctors and as mysterious father figures. So in order of his screen appearance he started aging into a look of silver-haired dignity so that he could match the roles he is playing.