George Morris is a voice over artist. He is usually chosen for the voice of training videos and presentations. He helps to sell corporate jets and rail divisions of Bombardier. George painted the impact of St. Lawrence Seaway Authority on North American economy through his vocals. He also appeared in a recent Bollywood film Baar Baar Dekho as Mr. Reynolds. The artist lives in Montreal, Canada.

He was the President of Great Northern Larynx Ltd. from 1969 to 2011. He is good at voice over, broadcast, advertising, video production, radio broadcasting, voice acting, entertainment, copywriting, radio advertising, film, new media, radio producing, video, sound, documentaries, digital media, creative writing, creative direction, broadcast journalism, and film production. George narrated the show Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk. It’s a short documentary film, which includes sky diving, parachuting, base jumping, and other activities done by two risk takers. Marc Fafard is the director of the movie.

In 2007, he worked in Citizen Lambert: Joan of Architecture as a narrator. George narrated the story of an architect Phyllis Bronfman Lambert, who is a Canadian woman. He starred as himself and also told the story in Jean-Claude Labrecque’s 2008 released documentary, Infiniment Quebec. He worked in a short animation film What do you do? What are you doing? by Robert Doucet, in 1976. He also gave his voice in 1982 released short animation film, A Room Full of Energy. Julian Harris and Paul Sabella were the directors of the movie. George was an additional voice for the flick Cat City.

This animation piece came in 1986. The story is about evil cats who try to destroy the mouse population. He was the voice of Tinman fora unknown number of episodes in the animated TV series The Wonderful Wizards of Oz. He also voiced the same character in the video of The Wonderful Wizards of Oz and The Marvelous Land of Oz. Morris lent his voice for an episode of the TV series The Legend of White Fang. In 1995, George was the announcer of the The Cartoon Cartoon Show. In 1997, he gave additional voices for 27 episodes of Animal Crackers.

The show was based on a wildlife area in Africa and about the characters were residing in that place. Some of the episodes for which he lent his voices are Eugenius / Citizen Eugene, Horrorscope / Pros and Cons, and Sleepover / Classified Casanova. He appeared as the voice of Morris Odell in the video game Splinter Cell.

Tim Man

Tim Man is a martial art expert. He was born in Sweden and his date of birth is 22nd November, 1979. His journey towards his success in martial arts started since the age of eight. He was totally into martial arts since then. He has trained himself in numerous martial arts forms, like Taekwondo, Boxing, Thai Boxing, Wushu, MMA and many more. In addition to that, he is a three-time Swedish Champion in Taekwondo. He also won the third position in a world championship, just at the age of fifteen. Tim grew up watching movies from Hong Kong and he was inspired by the fast and cool action moves performed in those movies. He decided to learn them, so he took to acrobatics and gymnastics to train himself in that way. A website called Bilang, back in 1999, used to post trendy martial art tricks, and he also watched it to learn new techniques. He grew up watching movies, and as a result of which Tim always had a dream to become an actor in films. He even became a stunt performer in Sweden but his heart craved to be in the eastern part of the world. So he decided to go where his heart told him to. He went to Asia and started his career there as a stunt performer. During the course he learned new things and got more experience in action choreography and screen fighting. Besides being a stunt performer, he also used to take acting classes because of which he used to do small roles in movies and advertisements. He made his acting debut in 2008. The movie was American and its name was Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li. He acted opposite Kristine Kreuk, as the harbor master Yung. He also got the chance to play the lead role of an Italian movie based on martial arts, the name of the film being Una Vita da Sogno, in 2011. He played the part of a mental and brainwashed martial artist M. Zanc. In this film he choreographed all the fighting and action scenes. In the movie Kill Em All (2011), which was an action movie, Tim enacted the lead role, as an assassin whose fist was a weapon to be reckoned with. He worked opposite legendary figures like Gordan Liu and Joe Lewis, the kickboxing legend. In this movie as well he choreographed all the fighting scenes. Tim Man is a stunt coordinator. He has choreographed in a number of films, like Ong Bak 2, Kill Em All, Street Fighter, Skills. He has also been a part of several TV commercials, advertisements and shows. He works both in the front as well as in the back of the camera. He is a very dedicated artist, and he takes his work very seriously. He is a perfectionist.

Tim Man English Actor