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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Peer Pederson is an experienced writer, producer, and director. He did his schooling at Brunswick School, did a course in cinematic arts at the University of Southern California, and completed his Bachelors in culture and media from The New School. For seven years, from 2011-2018, he worked as an independent filmmaker. He is known for identifying and inspiring individual talent to build a team within a collaborative space. The latest movie which he directed is “we don’t belong here” in 2017. He has directed, wrote, and produced the above film. Apart from that, he produced three more films, namely, “Lucky them,” “Live at the foxes den,” “Minimum wage,” and a documentary, “Finders keepers.” Peer worked as a production assistant in “the only girl” and “Father Time.” Further, he has been credited for “Jack and Dianne” as well.


Born: 23 May 1968

Age Now 56

John Ortiz - (Movie Actor)

Born: 23 May 1976

Age Now 48

Kelly Monaco - (Model)

Born: 23 May 1986

Age Now 38

Ryan Coogler - (Director)

Born: 23 May 1969

Age Now 55

Chris Gorak - (Director)

Born: 23 May 1882

Lived For 76 Years

James Gleason - (Movie Actor)

Born: 23 May 1994

Age Now 30

Anna Ador - (Movie Actress)

Born: 23 May 1965

Age Now 59

Tom Tykwer - (Director)

Born: 23 May 1974

Age Now 50

Jewel Kilcher - (Music Composer)