“The Sexy Siren of Bollywood” and “The Socialite of Dubai” these are some of the commonly call-sign of Natalia Kapchuk. Born on March 11, 1986 and originated from Ekaterinburg, Russia. A successful “cat-walk” model, rising actress, entrepreneur and fashionista. Interesting facts about Natalia that her height is a staggering 5 feet-10 inches and quarter, almost 5’11.  Her shoe size is 8 inches (US based).

Her mother was a sculptor and an artist, and his father was a criminal investigator. She had also a sibling named Dmitri. She graduated from Ural State University with Bachelor of Science in International Relations. She got also Diploma of Arts from an art school to pursue and follow her mother’s footsteps. She was first discovered by a local fashion designer and at the age of 13 she joined a modeling agency. She joined the beauty pageant “Miss Yekaterinburg” and she became one of the finalists. She got the title “Miss Siberia” in the year 2002 and became the primary model of Russian’s top designers.

She went to Dubai in 2007 to boost up her modeling career. She was not dismayed and got lots of appearances and made multiple endorsements for KFC Food Chain, the multi-country-based Six Senses Resort-Hotels and Spa, Summer Dubai, Spanish-based line of clothing Massimo Dutti, the colorful Italian-based cloth line Missoni and more. She posed for various reputable and prestigious magazines like Vogue, Ok, Harper's Bazaar, Grazia and more.

She appeared in the TV Series “Meet the Russians” trademarked by Fox Tv in UAE. She also starred in the movie “Taking Stock” and also part in the presentation for Fashion TV. She is also partner in different lifestyle and business management in London, Paris, Montenegro and Dubai. She was featured and have special appearance from the Indian Film “ Dilliwali Zaalim Girlfriend.” In the music video Punjabi “Tipsy Hogai,” it brought too much attention and people’s ideology where subdivided. Due to its sexy mode of the video, viewers, critics and commentator’s “eyebrows” raised and made a wrong impact into their industry. Most of them were questioning the sexy tone of the video and said to be a moral decadence for Bollywood.
Rachel Shelley English Actress

Rachel Shelley

Rachel Shelley is a Hollywood actress and a model. She was born on August 25, 1969 in Swindon, Wiltshire, England. She is known for character Helena Peabody in series The L Word in which she plays the role of daughter of multimillionaire art collector Peggy Peabody. Although it was a negative role she became very popular with the show's audience.She worked as Elizabeth Russell in the Oscar nominated Indian movie Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India based on time when due to drought farmers are unable to pay taxed and play cricket with British rulers so that their tax can be waived off.She did her graduation from University of Sheffield with B.A. Honors in Drama and English and joined a local theatre firm in Edinburgh and then made a community theatre firm in Sheffield before she shifted to London to pursue her acting career. Her some successful movies are Photographing Fairies with Ben Kingsley, Everybody Loves Sunshine. She received an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Film for Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India.She has also written articles for popular magazines such as DIVA and The Guardian. The various roles she did in movies are Isabel in Broken Heart a movie about a man after the loss of his wife, Clare in B.U.S.T.E.D based on life of two prisoners after they get released from jail, Mikki in The Bone Snatcher based on people disappearing from a diamond mine and the secret story behind it, Lauren in Seeing Other People in which a soon to be married couple decides to see other people and have fun  before settling for each other for whole life and many more. She has also worked in TV films like Royce based on US government secret missions performed by Black Hole secret service agents, Cruise of The Gods based on stars of a science fiction TV series starts that go on cruise with their fan club members and The Dinosaur Hunters based on a novel show interesting discoveries by a paleontologist that dig in farm to find dinosaur skeletons.


Nikkesha Rangwala

“The Girl Next Door” as anyone could describe in her endorsements and commercials. “It Girl” can be also associated towards her attitude in castings and appearances.Nikkesha Rangwala was born in Vancouver, Canada on February 08. She is a Canadian actor, model and entrepreneur. She finished Bachelor of Science in Communication from University of British Columbia in Canada. She also studied Film and Television and modelling at the Vancouver Film School / John Casablanca School. She also studied acting in Roshan Taneja’s (India) Institute for Acting. She is a multi-lingual that gave her avenue to work not just in Canada but also in Bollywood. She started in the entertainment industry after being spotlighted for different endorsements for Dabur, Sunsilk, SBI, Nyle, Havells, Vanish, DSP Black, Parryware, Pantaloons, Fast Track, Johnson & Johnson and Olivia. She is the proprietor of Enchante.com and also a restaurateur for “Cafe Caribana.” She was also a dance instructor/choreographer in Rangeela Dance School in Canada. She was also the endorser of Dabur Amla, Treasure Jewellery Lounge, Fusions Spa and Salon, Billabong, Boardroom Stores (Canada) and Capri Soap.She plays lead role for the movie “Dream Lock.” She also hosted the “Empire Media Works: Beauty Blogs with Nikki.” This encases the life of a socialite and showing the proper way for make-ups and beauty preparations. She was completely applauded and considered to be one of the dreamed girl for the commercial “Yogurt Bay.”

Nikkesha Rangwala English Actress