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“The Sexy Siren of Bollywood” and “The Socialite of Dubai” these are some of the commonly call-sign of Natalia Kapchuk. Born on March 11, 1986 and originated from Ekaterinburg, Russia. A successful “cat-walk” model, rising actress, entrepreneur and fashionista. Interesting facts about Natalia that her height is a staggering 5 feet-10 inches and quarter, almost 5’11.  Her shoe size is 8 inches (US based).

Her mother was a sculptor and an artist, and his father was a criminal investigator. She had also a sibling named Dmitri. She graduated from Ural State University with Bachelor of Science in International Relations. She got also Diploma of Arts from an art school to pursue and follow her mother’s footsteps. She was first discovered by a local fashion designer and at the age of 13 she joined a modeling agency. She joined the beauty pageant “Miss Yekaterinburg” and she became one of the finalists. She got the title “Miss Siberia” in the year 2002 and became the primary model of Russian’s top designers.

She went to Dubai in 2007 to boost up her modeling career. She was not dismayed and got lots of appearances and made multiple endorsements for KFC Food Chain, the multi-country-based Six Senses Resort-Hotels and Spa, Summer Dubai, Spanish-based line of clothing Massimo Dutti, the colorful Italian-based cloth line Missoni and more. She posed for various reputable and prestigious magazines like Vogue, Ok, Harper's Bazaar, Grazia and more.

She appeared in the TV Series “Meet the Russians” trademarked by Fox Tv in UAE. She also starred in the movie “Taking Stock” and also part in the presentation for Fashion TV. She is also partner in different lifestyle and business management in London, Paris, Montenegro and Dubai. She was featured and have special appearance from the Indian Film “Dilliwali Zaalim Girlfriend.” In the music video Punjabi “Tipsy Hogai,” it brought too much attention and people’s ideology where subdivided. Due to its sexy mode of the video, viewers, critics and commentator’s “eyebrows” raised and made a wrong impact into their industry. Most of them were questioning the sexy tone of the video and said to be a moral decadence for Bollywood.


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