Birthday: 21-02-1978
Age: 41
Star sign: Pisces

Gong Beibi was born on 21 February 1978. Her birth place is Fujian. Her home name is Gong. She knows English, Mandarin, and Taiwanese. She is the film actress in China. As a child performer, she started her career. She had completed her graduation from the Prestigious Central Academy of Drama. Among young audiences, she gained popularity and fame. In China and Hong Kong, she had done several TV series as well as feature films. After completion of her graduation, she continued playing her roles in several projects. She had done Bus 44. In China, Bus 44 gained her critical acclaim. Her height is 5 feet 5 inch. Her husband name is Dayyan Eng. She got married to him in 2004. In her work, she has very vibed and strong. At the Venice Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, and Sundance Film Festival, she won awards. Gong Beibi started her feature film in 2005 named Waiting Alone. At the China Academy, after some time, her feature film called Waiting Alone was nominated for different awards such as Best Picture. In Waiting Alone, she performed memorably.

In 2007, her movie was a success at the box office named Call for Love. In Oxide Pang’s Thiller The Detective 2, she worked with Aaron Kwok in 2010. In 2015, she will be work in different upcoming series named The Legend of Qin. In 2016, she will be work in Ice Fantasy. Ice Fantasy based on Guo Jingming. Guo Jingming is a popular Fantasy Novel. Filmography of Gong Beibi In 1997, she did her first series named Beijing Hong Kong Love connections. In 1998, she had worked for The Lord of Hangzhou and An Unusual Love. In 1999, she worked for Sun Moon Star. In 2001, she did Bus 44. In 2004, she contributed in ‘Waiting Alone’. Her work had appreciated in The Ghost Inside in 2005. She also acclaimed in Call for love, Connected, Inseparable, Lucky Dog, and The Buddha’s Shadow, etc.

Gao Yuanyuan English Actress

Gao Yuanyuan

Gao Yuanyuan is a Chinese actress who is known for her amazing and fresh performance in various movies as well in many TV commercials. She was born in the Fengtai District in China on 5th of October in the year 1976. Unlike all other mainstream actresses from the film industry, Gao has not graduated from any institution that offered training and education regarding drama, theater or acting. It was only a sleight of fate when at the Beijing Wangfujing Shopping District she was spotted and given a chance to work for a commercial. She entered in the film and glamor industry in the year 1996. She became a household name and face when her first commercial went on air. This commercial was for Meadow Gold ice-creams. After this TV advertisement, she was spotted in a minor role in a movie that was released in the year 1997. The name of the movie is Spicy Love Soup. It was a comedy film directed by Zhang Yang. She was most widely recognized for her commercial for Qing Zui. Gao can be seen doing lead roles in various TV shows too like The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber in which she essayed the role of Zhou Zhiruo. This serial was an adaptation from a novel that was also of the same name. She also became an instant hit because she got an international recognition when she walked the red carpet for 58th Cannes Festival in which her film also won an award. The film was Shanghai Dreams, and it won the award for Prix De Jury. Jackie Chan is a huge fan of Gao and considers her to be the freshest actress with a very chaste soul, unlike some actress in Honk Kong. Gao did a movie opposite Mark Chao named Caught in the Web after which they started dating each other. They announced in public about their relationship and after two years of being committed, they consummated their relationship in marriage on 5th June in the year 2014.