Gabrielle Chiararo is a French American Film Actress and Singer. She has recorded many albums with the name Flor De Lis. In all her life she lived in many places such as Paris, London, New York, Rome, and many more places. She can speak in English, French, and Italian languages fluently. She graduated from Rose Bruford College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Acting.

She started her career as an actor with the film Euclide Era Un Bugiardo (2007). She played the role of Giornalista. She later appeared in the films such as Absolutely Grounded (2014) in the role of Sandy, The Young Messiah (2017) in a small role of a crying mother, and Skeleton Locke (2017) in the role of Mina. She is currently working for the film Wonderwell which is yet to release.

Dorotea Mercuri English Actress

Dorotea Mercuri

Dorotea Mercouri, a Mediterranean beauty who is often linked to - Anna Magnani and Sophia Loren - is no shrinking violet. Her genetic combination of southerly Italian bravado and a Greek goddess-like quality project loudly as a visual of happiness - a lady who will always be to the best of her life. A student of traditional ballet as a young girl to her serious studies of flamenco as a woman, Ms.Mercouri shifts in daily life as if her life was always a stage. A previous model, Dorotea has been staying all over New York and Europe since she was seventeen. She has held the face of numerous European organisations. At the same time, she started to make a venture into the cinema with her appearance in the Greek cult excellent film The Attack of the Giant Moussaka, which was directed by Panos Koutras in the year 1996. After graduating in New York at the Lee Strasberg Drama Institute under the watchful supervision of Robert Castle, and also in the Artist Studio with Jack Waltzer, Dorotea was named in her first starring performance in the independent fiction film, And She Was which was directed by Frank Rainone in 2001. Since she has moved into various countries Dorotea has been fluent in five languages. She is also a refined vocalist and recording professional. She was part of the movie What will become of us a comedy film by Giovanni Veronesi in 2004. The main actors of the movie were Violante Placido, Silvio Muccino, and Elio Germano. Paul, Matthew, and Manuel played by Violante, Silvio, and Elio were three nineteen who has just completed their high school, and everybody is in the hold of its problems: Matthew has a rough relationship with Carmen; a girl who is older than him and of that, he is desperately in love. This, though, seems to consider Matthew just as a whim particular, judging it too small and young, and it shows very untrue actions against him. Paul, very good at school, is humble and well-mannered, but the destiny has already been chosen by his parents, after convocation. They had made a decision that he might enter the Faculty of Economics in Milan.The third one Manuel was the independent classic, fed up with the widowed mother; He does not desire to work in the pet shop of the dead father and does not cover his anger and perennial inner anxiety. The story progresses of how these three figures out and works in their lives. In 2006, Dorotea made her live stage debut as one of the issues-troubled women in the Greek creation named The Vagina Monologues and earned great critical acclaim for her appearance of an anxiety-filled female. In the September 2007 she appeared in the issue of Vogue Italia Magazine, she is outlined and photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth one of the top European stars to keep a focus on for 2008. Her next movie was Fishtales, which was directed by Alki David after which she did movies like Without Borders, Taglionetto, and Anna German. She got married in Italy and has been blessed with two beautiful daughters.