Erin Cummings English Actress

Erin Lynn Cummings was born on 19th July 1977 in the Lafayette city of Louisiana, United States of America. She is also known by the nickname, Cookie. The actors’ height is 5 feet 7.5 inches. She is the daughter of Cheryl Cummings. Erin did her graduation from the University of North Texas in the field of journalism. She is also an alumnus of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, from where she pursued dramatics. Here at LAMDA, she studied about Shakespeare and did theater plays, playing the role of Queen Gertrude and Lady Macbeth. She also joined the Kilgore College (a community college in East Texas). She did her first official stage performance with the Santa Susana Repertory Theater Company in their two famous productions, Hamlet, and Macbeth.

She started her career as an actor in theaters. She was a member of the L.A. Talent Scout and also performed in many of the community theaters in Dallas city. Cookie did her debut in the American TV industry with the show, Star Trek Click to look into! >> Read More... Star Trek : Enterprise in 2003. She played the role of a prostitute in the episode, ‘Carpenter Street’. It was a small part. Other than Star Trek, she also did her first short film in 2003. She played the role of Noelle in The Analysts. Her first full movie was the Rolling in 2006.

This movie was directed by Billy Samoa and written by John Paul Cooney and mates. She played the role of Lexa. The movie was about a bunch of individuals, who have different economic and professional backgrounds end up crossing paths in a rave party of L.A. This movie had intended to show how these people try to balance their careers, responsibilities, and relationships while trapped in this web of the euphoria drug. The movie did not receive a good response from the viewers.

She is also famously known for her work in the show, Spartacus: Blood and Sand in 2010. In this show, she played the role Sura, who was the wife of Spartacus. The show was based on a historical figure called Spartacus, who was a gladiator of Thracian. The show was based in the 73 to 71 BC era. Erin was applauded for her powerful performance by the viewers and critics. Erin is also a producer by profession. She has worked as an associate producer on the short film, Tomorrow’s Yesterday in 2006 and was also the executive producer for the short film, The Listing in 2015.