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Amanda Cerny is an American actress, model, and fitness trainer. The actress took birth on June 26, 1991. Amanda was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and raised in Florida. Amanda has two siblings, a sister named, Samantha, and a half-brother, Nick Bateman. The actress has partnered with brands including, Nike, Ubisoft, Guess, and Marc Jacobs. During her time spent in Los Angeles, California, Amanda unfolded her passion for acting and modeling. Amanda started making Vine videos on her channel on YouTube. She gained immense popularity and fan-following. The actress gained over 3 million followers on YouTube and over 20 million Instagram followers.

Amanda has written, directed, and produced over three thousand comedy skits and music videos featuring well-known artists and celebrities. She has worked in partnership with NBC, Comedy Central, Universal, and Paramount. Amanda Cerny made her debut as an actress with 2013 American comic series, titled, " Hello Ladies Hello Ladies is a Telugu lifestyle and fashion sho >> Read More... ." The show featured Christine Woods, Stephen Merchant Stephen Merchant is a renowned English director, w >> Read More... , Nate Torrence, and Amanda Cerny in leading roles. Amanda played the part of a blonde girl, Melanie, in the show. In the same year, Amanda starred in a music video, "World is our Playground." In 2015, Amanda featured in an episode of the popular comedy sitcom, "Play Boys." The actress played the role of Edna Smalls in the show.

In the year 2016, the actress bagged a role in the show, "Adam Devine's House Party." The show's creator and the host was the immensely talented actor, Adam Devine. In the same year, the actress starred in some comedy movies, including, "The Bet," "My Big Fat Hispanic Family," "Internet Famous," and "The Deleted." In 2017, Amanda starred in an episode of the comic series, titled, "Workaholics." In 2018, the actress bagged a role in the thriller drama, "211." The actress played the part of Sarah in the movie. The actress is currently working on a Thriller Drama, titled, "Superstition: The Rule of 3's." Amanda is a huge fan of Varun Dhawan Varun Dhawan, a new comer entered Bollywood with h >> Read More... , the famous Bollywood actor, and desires to make her Bollywood debut opposite the star. We wish her all the success for her plans.


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