Simon Yam is an expert Hong Kong-based artist and movie creator. Simon Yam was born 19th March 1955, also identified as Yam Tat-wah. He began off as a model before converting into an entertainer in the mid-1970s. He then contracted with the Hong Kong tv system TVB, featuring and co-starring in a number of tv sequences previous to "apply his trades" in the picture business in 1987. His elder comrade is Yam Tak-wing, a discharged past Deputy Official of Hong Kong Forces. In 1989, he featured in the Japanese-Hong Kong creation of Blood fight (1989). This was the initial of its type in which English was spoken all through the entire flick. In 1992, Yam got critical applause for his role as the maniacal Magistrate in the corruption picture Full Contact (1992), where he confronted off in a blood-stained battle next to Yun-Fat Chow's role.

In 1993, he featured "Dhalsim" in the action and amusement film Future Cops (1993), a caricature of Street Fighter directed by Jing Wong. In 1996, Yam started his role as Chiang Tin-Sung, the front-runner of the Hung Hing trios in the first three parts of the Young and Dangerous (1996) film sequences. In 2000, Yam showcased Cheung-sun, the forebear of all parasites, in the TV series Ngo wo geun see yaugoryuewui II (2000), shaped by ATV. In 2003, Yam made his Hollywood movie entrance in Lara Croft: The Cradle of Existence (2003) as Shaolin offense aristocrat. Yam obtained worldwide acclaim for his presentations on intercontinental film anniversary hits and box offices. He has got all these acclamations for movies such as Naked Killer (1992), Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003), The Thieves (2012), Election (2005), Triad Election (2006), Exiled (2006).

In 2013, Yam guided his first flick, as part of the Hong Kong hybrid horror film Stories from the Dark 1. Yam is wedded to Sophia Kao, acknowledged Qi Qi, a worldwide model. She was born in Shanghai but upraised in Austria. One of the few performers in HK who not once got any difficulties with local troikas. The main motive is because his brother is a very ornamented officer of the HK Police elite O.C.T.B. (Planned Corruption&Troika Agency). Yam’s Father was a cop. His Elder brother, Peter Yam Tat-Wing, is Manager of Operations in Hong Kong Law enforcement agency. Started off as an actor in TVB. Often worked with Yun-Fat Chow, Liza Wong, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, and Carol "Do Do" Cheung. Has a daughter with wife, Qi Qi. Enjoys nature cinematography in his free time.Simon Yam obtained the Star Asia Reward at the 2010 New York Asian Film Commemoration.

Jiang Wen English Actor

Jiang Wen

Jiang Wen, born on January 5, 1963 at Tangshan, Hebie, is an actor, director, and screenwriter of Chinese nationality. He comes from a family with strong military lineage. His father's and mother's name is Jiang Hongqi and Gao Yang. He worked in the army while his mother was a Poona teacher. The couple has two kids besides Jiang named Jiang Wu and Jiang Huan. Jiang Wu is an actor too. When he was ten-year-old, Juang Wen’s folks relocated to Beijing with him. At the age of seventeen, he enrolled himself in Central Academy of Drama, the leading acting institute of China. Jiang is very close to his family especially his parents and always seeks their feedback on most of his works. After his graduation, he set out to look for work in theatre as well as films. He managed to find some roles for himself, but it was his portrayal in A Native of Beijing in New York, a television serial based on the book Beijinger in New York, that catapulted him to fame. After doing this he went on to work in Hibiscus Town, The Soong Sisters, The Emperor's Shadow, and much more. He then moved on to directing, producing and writing films and TV shows. He even arranges for his parents to visit him on the sets of the TV show or movies that he is shooting. There were strong rumors that Jiang was dating his co-star from Hibiscus Town, Liu Xiaoqing. For years the couple kept on dodging the news until director Xie Jin confirmed it. However, the couple broke up in 1994, but continue to share a friendly relationship. He then dated and married Sandrine Chenivesse, a doctor who he met in a gathering of celebrities. They are parents of a girl. But since Sandrine belonged from France, the long-distance played kaput on their relationship, and they divorced after eight years of marriage. The divorce left him heartbroken. He then met Zhou Yun. They both shared equal passion towards art, and she also consoled his grieving heart. They both fell in love and got married to each other in 2005. The couple are parents to two sons. Jiang was also the jury member of 70th Venice International Film Festival. He is also the recipient of the Hong Kong Film Award for his supporting role in The Soong Sisters and has won the Golden Horse Award twice.


Ron Goleman

Ron Goleman is an actor. He was born on February 10 and in the year 1956. His age is 30 years old. His star sign is Pisces. He mainly works with the Hollywood aka English Cinema. He has the Nationality of Alabama. He did films projects of different genres like drama, comedy, action, thriller, and adventure. He is available on Twitter and Facebook. He has worked with several artists. His spouse name is Brandy Goleman. They have married on May 14 and in the year 1999. Brandy did the work in Heist in the year 2015, Hour of Lead, USS Indianapolis- Men of courage, and Backwoods as a casting director. Her project list includes Arkansas, Inheritance, Live, Out of the Fight, Son of the South, Supercool, This is the year, Voices, The Devil all the time, Embattled, Hell of the border, and Inherit the Viper, Karma, Extraction, Vice, The prince, Runaway Island, Aether-Prologue, Here comes Rusty, almost friends and many more. As a producer, she did Come to See, Dark friend, Untitled Southern Tales Project, and Backwoods. He did graduation from the University of Alabama. He has four children. They are Torrance Goleman, Bryce Goleman, Braylon Goleman, and Mendalyn Goleman. As an actor, Ron did the Rage in the year 2014. It has a genre action, thriller, and crime. Its running time is one hour and thirty-eight minutes in the theaters. Its released date is August 22 and the year is 2014. Michael Mendelsohn and Richard Rionda Del Castro did the production, as they are producers. Paco Cabezas is the director. Marc Dahlstrom is the first assistant director. Maggie Ballard is the second assistant director. Johnny Martin is the second unit director. Other cast and crew are Nicolas Cage, Danny Glover, Peter Stormare, Jack Falahee, Kadi Klausen, Patrice Cols, Max Ryan, Kara Riann Brown, Tom Waits, Dawn Hamil, Sarah Ann Schultz, Rachel Nicolas, Paul Sampson, Richard Rionda Del Castro, Michael Mcgrandy and many more. Laurent Eyquem is the music director. It shot under the supervision and banner of Hannibal, and Patriot Pictures. Another project he did, as ‘here comes Rusty.' It has a genre comedy and drama. Its olay time is one hour and twenty-one minutes. Tyler Russell did the direction in it. Scott Bomar is the music director who did the music direction. William Ross Smith did the production. Its release date is April 3 and in the year 2016.

Ron Goleman English Actor