Matthias Schoenaerts English Actor
  • DOB : 08-12-1977
  • Age : 43
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius
Other Skills
    - Movie-Actor

Matthias Schoenaerts is a graffiti artist, a producer, and an actor. He was born in Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium, on December 8, 1977. His mother, Dominique Wiche was a costume designer while his father Julien Schoenaerts was an actor.

His half-brother Bruno Schoenaerts works as a lawyer. Since Antwerp is a Dutch-speaking region and Dominique was a French native, Matthias could converse fluently in Dutch as well French. As a child he would watch a lot of American movies and learned to speak English from it.

In 1947 he starred in The Little Prince Click to look into! >> Read More... The Little Prince a stage production of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry at the mere age of nine. Julien was its director while Dominique was looking after the artist's dresses. Matthias started his YouTube channel and would put videos of him doing graffiti using the name Zenith.

He went all the way to New York to strike a deal with TATS CRU,. Matthias was a talented football player too and if hadn't quit playing it at the age of sixteen the sports authorities would have picked him up to play for the Beerschot AC a Belgium team. However he still enjoys watching the sport and is an ardent fan of Barcelona football club.

Matthias made his debut in 1992, at the age of thirteen in a small role in Daens. Though Julien was his co-star in it, they didn't share screen space. The film earned rave reviews and won the Academy Award nomination. He then enrolled himself in The Academy of Dramatic Arts, Antwerp, and learned the nitty-gritty of acting.

After that offers started to pour in from national as well international filmmakers and he acted in several motion pictures and TV shows like Far from the Madding Crowd, The Emperor of Taste, Love Belongs to Everyone, Flikken, A Message from Outer Space, Our Souls at Night, and much more. Matthias has won several awards as an actor.

He was the face of 2014 Spring/Summer Louis Vuitton Menswear. Matthias is the owner of Hakuna Casting. Currently, he is busy directing Franky, a movie based on his childhood friend named Franky van Hove who became an MMA fighter in spite of being one-legged.

It is his debut in the field of direction. Besides acting and directing, Matthias has produced the Death of a Shadow. He has also narrated the Chimpanzee, a documentary of Disneynature, in Dutch. The French Ministry of Culture bestowed upon him the Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters on July 28, 2015.