Henry Joost English Actor
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Henry Joost is a motion picture director as well as an actor from the U. S. A. He is known to have produced many films which were loved by critics and audiences alike. He was born on the 30th of October in the year 1981. Some of the famous movies which he has made include Paranormal activity’s third as well as fourth part along with Catfish. He directed these movies along with the assistance of Ariel Schulman. Ariel Schulman is a very celebrated motion picture actor and director along with being a producer. Along with making the movie Catfish with Henry Joost, he also had a part in the film as an actor.

Catfish belonged to the documentary category and got released in the year 2010. The protagonist of the video is a young individual named Nev who gets into a relationship with a lady who he meets on the social networking site, Facebook. This phenomenon got caught on camera by Nev’s friend and also his brother. Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman were also busy shooting him. This documentary attracted lots of critical appreciation. Due to the success of this video, it was made into a TV series which aired on the famous TV channel MTV, called Catfish: The TV Show.

Henry Joost stepped into the arena of Horror film-making with the movie Paranormal Activity 3. It belonged to the horror genre and recorded supernatural happenings. This motion picture was both Joost’s as well as Ariel Schulman’s first attempt at making scary movies. It released in theatres on the 21st of October, in the year 2011. The motion picture was a huge success. It earned a total of about 26 million US dollars. The cast of the movie includes Chris Smith and the ravishing Lauren Bittner.

After Paranormal Activity 3, Henry Joost’s next project was Paranormal Activity 4. He collaborated with Ariel Schulman in this motion picture also. It was similar to Paranormal Activity 3 in structure and genre. It released to the public one year after Paranormal Activity 3, that is, in the year 2012. Christopher Landon was the man behind writing the story of this film. The famous actress Katie Featherston was the lead female protagonist of Paranormal Activity 4. Very recently, he has also helped in the direction of movies such as Viral and Nerve. Both these motion pictures got released in the year 2016 itself.