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Chris O’Donnell is a popular American model turned actor. He was born as Christopher Eugene O’Donnell on June 26, 1970 at Winnetka in Illinois. His mother is Julie Ann Rohs Von Brecht and his father is William Charles O’Donnell. Chris is the youngest among his four sisters and two brothers. He came from a German and Irish lineage. He was brought up in a Catholic household and graduated high school in a Catholic school, Loyola Academy in Illinois. He graduated Bachelor of Science in Marketing at Boston College. He started his modeling career when he was 13 years old and has done various commercials.

Chris was spotted on a McDonald’s commercial while serving Michael Jordan Michael Jeffrey Jordan, conceived February 17, 196 >> Read More... Michael Jordan . In 1986, he made his first television appearance in Jack and Mike series. At 17, he auditioned for the comedy-drama film, Men Don’t Leave that stars Jessica Lange Jessica Phyllis Lange was born on April 20th 1949 >> Read More... Jessica Lange and he was luckily selected. During the 90s, he appeared in various successful films like Fried Green Tomatoes in year 1991, School Ties in year 1992 and the drama film, Scent of a Woman along with . He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Globe Award for his performance in this film. Chris was considered as one of the John Willis’ 12 Promising New Actors of year 1992.
He also bagged a role in the 1994 drama film, Blue Sky and the 1995 film, Circle of Friends and because of the success of both films, he was bagged in to play the role of Dick Grayson/Robin in the 1995 superhero film, Batman Forever with Val Kilmer as Batman. Chris was part of the selections that includes , Corey Haim, Ewan McGregor, , Jude Law Besides bagging nominations for two Screen Actors >> Read More... Jude Law , Corey Feldman The well-known actor-cum-singer Corey Scott Feldma >> Read More... Corey Feldman , Scott Speedman and Toby Stephens Toby Stephens is a great actor, who had graduated >> Read More... Toby Stephens but Chris got the role. He was also the favorite choice to essay the role of Jack Dawson in the box-office epic romantic film, Titanic in 1997 but Leonardo DiCaprio got the role.

Followed by this is a starring role in the thriller film, The Chamber in 1996. Later, he repeated his role as Robin in the sequel of Batman and Robin in year 1997 with as Batman. The film was a success but it was criticize and Chris called it as the lowest point of his career. He took a break on doing films for two years. He was selected to play the role of James Edwards in the 1997 film, Men In Black but the actor turned the offer down. He also did reasonably successful films like Cookie’s Fortune, The Bachelor and Vertical Limit. After this, he took a 4-year break and returned in year 2004 in the biographical drama film, Kinsey. He also appeared in an episodic in the sitcom, Two and a Half Men. The episode was entitled as ‘An Old Flame with a New Wick’. In 2005, Chris was starred in the primetime comedy drama show, Head Cases on Fox Network. However, the show was cancelled after airing two episodes. Subsequently, he appeared in the Medical drama show, Grey’s Anatomy as Finn Dandridge, a veterinarian.

Chris was also featured in the miniseries, The Company as Jack McAuliffe. In 2008, he has done Max Payne and the comedy film, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. In 2009, he appeared in the television series, NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS network. In 2010, Chris was cast in the film, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore which is a sequel to the 2001 film, Cats & Dogs. 
Chris got married to Caroline Fentress in year 1997 and they presently have 5 children.