Birthday: 20-02-1945
Date of death: 07-08-1999
Star sign: Pisces

Brion James was an American actor. Brion is well known for his performance in the movie ‘Blade Runner’. He had done many hit movies such as ’48 Hours’, ‘Another 48 Hours’, ‘Southern Comfort’, ‘Red Heat’, ‘Tango and Cash’, and ‘The Player’. James died at the age of 54 because of a heart attack. Brion was brought up in Redlands, California. His father’s name is Jimmy James, and his mother’s name is Ida Mae. James is a pass out of San Diego State University and later, he moved to New York. In the year 1976, he did many high profile roles in the movies such as ‘Harry and Walter Go to New York’ and ‘Nickelodeon’.

Brion worked in many TV shows in the 1970’s too. He worked in some popular series such as ‘The Incredible Hulk’, ‘Mork and Mindy’, ‘Gun smoke’ and ‘Chico and the man’. He made a lot of cameo roles on Tv series titled ‘The A-Team’, ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’, ‘Benson’, and much more. He even voiced the character of Parasite in the animated series of Superman. He worked as one of the main characters only in one movie titled ‘The Horror Show’. He acted the character of a serial killer in the film. In the year 1994, he appeared in the movie ‘Radioland Murderers’.

The movie ‘Fifth Element’ was one of the hit films of his career. It was released in the year 1997. He performed the character of General Munro in this movie. Brion died in the year 1999 because of a heart attack. After his death, he appeared in five movies which were released posthumously. The last of those five movies was ‘Pheonix Point’ which released in the year 2005. A movie was released in the year 2000 titled ‘The King is Alive’, which was dedicated to Brion James.

Bruce A Young

Bruce Arnold Young was born on 22nd April 1956 in Wilmette, United States. Not many are aware of the ‘Arnold’ he has in his name.The world knows by just Bruce Young. He is an African-American actor and a screenwriter as well. His career started way back in 1981, and he still works to this present day. Bruce also writes for television contents. Work Bruce started his career at the age of 26. Initially, he was mainly a writer but played his hand out on acting. Bruce made his debut in 1981 in the movie Thief. He was also part of the 21 Jump Street television series which had five seasons to its name. It also featured Johnny Depp in it. After that, Bruce has been on television and the big screen. He is popularly known for his in The Jurassic Park 3. Bruce featured in films like Basic Instinct in 1992, in which his role was praised by many. Apart from his acting, he has produced many television programs. He also does stage acts to entertain people. Bruce is mainly part of fantasy adventure movies. He played a police officer in Edmond, which released in 2006. Bruce has not lacked appreciation for his work. Joseph Jefferson Awards awarded him with Best Actor in Supporting Role for his role in The Tempest. He is also known as Captain. Simon Banks, the character he played in The Sentinel. His two sons also love him in that role. Bruce has certainly claimed fame with not just his acting talent but also expanding his work in writing and production departments. Upcoming Projects Bruce has not seen very often, but his last release was in 2015. He made a comeback in the popular series Star Trek; Renegades in 2015 after not having appeared for the last five years.

Bruce A Young English Actor