Odalys Garcia English Actress

Odalys Garcia was born on 23rd of October in 1975 Havana, Cuba. She is a model, singer, TV host and an actress. When she was just eight years old, she performed at many dancing competitions and by the age of nine, she joined Alicia Alonso School of Ballet. At the age of 13, she started her modelling career at Miami. Very soon in 1991, she was recruited by producers of Univision Network, and was cast as a host in Noche de Gigantes (Night of the Giants). After that, she hosted another show, De Pelicula in the very same year. But the turning point in her career was when she was selected to participate in Lente Loco, in 1993. Lente Loco was a Spanish show inspired by Candid Camera and a remake of the same.

The show became a huge success, and so did Odalys Garcia’s fame. She became one of the famous artists soon, and her demand increased very quickly. She started to produce calendars and got mentioned in many magazines due to her popularity and rumours about her love life. Very soon she became the spokesperson of Club Musica Latina, of Columbia House. Then she got an offer to act on a Spanish drama show, Moriela. Alongside she also worked as a disc jockey at Florida WQBA radio station. She owns a music production house, and she works as a singer and executive producer. She has released albums of herself and has worked in movies as well. She’s currently focusing on working in more films.