Anastasia Kvitko

Other names of Anastasia Kvitko: Anastasiya Kvitko
Anastasia Kvitko English Actress
  • DOB : 25-11-1994
  • Age : 26
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Anastasia Kvitko was born on 3 August, 1995. She was born and brought up in Kaliningrad Oblast region in western Russia. When she was a teenager she moved to the United States. She is a glamour model and entrepreneur. To learn more about modeling , she moved to Miami. In order to pursue modeling full time, she moved from Miami to Los Angeles. She was offered a job from Kanye West Clothing in the United States. Anastasia Kvitko is 5.9 ft tall and her hair color is Brunette. Her figure measurements is 38-24-42. She is famous for that figure. She was turned down by several modeling agencies. Her curves are her trademark. She tells that her figure is truly natural. It is because of her exercise and strict diet. She also said that she doesn’t eat fast food neither does she eat meat. But sometimes, she gives herself a treat.

For her figure and her existence in social media, she is dubbed as the Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian is an American Television actress, >> Read More... Kim Kardashian of Russia. Anastasia Kvitko was criticized by her followers and critics that she was intentionally modeling herself to look like Kim Kardashian, the reality star. She stated in an interview that she likes Kim Kardashian but she doesn’t like being compared with her . She has 5.1 million Instagram followers. Anastasia Kvitko says that her body is sporty and she has trained her hip muscles. She has not done any plastic surgery on her face. She is has an hourglass figure and she is the face of the new USA Swimwear collection. She is the face of Golden Girl Cruise collection for Eliya Cioccolato, a US brand. She did athletics when she was a child. Now she goes to the gym four times a week to stay fit.

Anastasia says that she does not use Photoshop and that makes her unique and separates her from other Instagram beauties and celebrities. She always posts full length photos so that her fans can look at her photos and see how exactly she looks. To celebrate her 22nd birthday she amazed her social media followers with a sequence of belfies, bum selfies. She has a bubble butt and her waist in 24.8 inches. Anastasia appeared along with Pitbull and Yandel in the popular music video "Ay Mi Dios". She became famous worldwide in the year 2015. In a recent interview, Anastasia revealed that in her times in Miami she was held at gunpoint and robbed and that gave her seriously second thoughts about the United States and her dreams as a model.