Frank Darabont English Actor
Other Skills
    - Screenplay Writer

Frank Darabont, born on 28th January, 1959, is film director, writer, and a producer in French, Hungarian and American industries. He was given birth in a refugee camp in Doubs, a small place in France. His parents fled from Hungary due to the dangerous situation after the Hungarian Revolution. The family, later on, settled in Chicago, and later on, moved to Los Angeles. Since his childhood, he wanted to pursue his career in the film industry. He proceeded with a degree from Hollywood High School and left studying after that. He worked as a fork truck operator and also a busboy for his livelihood and family. He married ‘Karyn Wagner’, who is a famous costume designer.

He began his film career starting with writing and as an assistant in production in movies like ‘Hell Night’, and ‘The Seduction’, and ‘Trancers’. King gave him the offer to write some works from Different Seasons. The first film wrote and directed by him was ‘The Woman in The Room’. ‘Chuck Russell’ offered Darabont to become his partner in writing in the many films he was later involved in. Darabont wrote a TV series MASH, which was a great success. Darabont and Russell together wrote many films like ‘The Blob’, and ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 3’. ‘The Fly II’ was also written by Darabont. Darabont made his career in directing with ‘Buried Alive’, a television movie that gained immense fame and popularity in America.

Some of Darabont’s films include Hell Night, The Seduction, The Woman in The Room, Crimes of Passion, The Blob, Buried Alive, The Fly II, The Fan, Eraser, Vampires, Black Cat Run, Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile, The Majestic, The Mist, and ' Godzilla Click to look into! >> Read More... Godzilla '. His TV shows include The Shining, Raines, The Shield, Entourage, Mob City, The Walking Dead, and Tales from The Crypt.

Darabont was nominated for three Academy Awards for his directing, and acting skills and also a Golden Globe Award.Walking Dead is one of his horror series was which quite popular.