Birthday: 26-10-1961
Age: 57
Star sign: Scorpio

Reputedly known in the world of novels, 55 years old Stacy schiff is a Prize-winning American nonfiction author who was born on 26th October with a star sign Scorpio and if you are interested in her daily thoughts and updates, can follow her on twitter on her handle @StacySchiff. Her novels like Witches and Cleopatra have been a huge success lately.

She, perhaps has been called as the receiver of Putlizer prize which is known as achieving a great thing for an author. Schiff has been a winner of Academy award in Literature in 2006 and also received Emma Award for journalistic excellence in 2010. Actually this is not the end of her awards list! Because she is the one who is the winner of Fifth annual Bio award. From Williams college, she was honored as the Honorary doctor of Letters and then in 2014, Biographers International Organization award was given to her. Starting from the very beginning,

Schiff is a B.A. graduate and she worked as a senior editor until 1990 and so, many of her essays and articles have been appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times etc. Schiff has also given many appearances in some sort of interviews like the one which was published by Random house, she was also seen in Q&A interviews which was all related to the new books in Biography. Schiff also won the 2000 Putlizer prize for Biography for Vera and she also was a finalist for the 1995 Pultizer prize for Biography for Saint Exupery. This was all about the novels and awards earned by her, but now talking something about the wonderfully written essays and articles by her like The Witches of Salem, Desperately Seeking Susan, The Interactive Truth and many more.

The uniqueness made by Schiff reflects her creativity from these titles itself as, by just having a look at the titles or just hearing them once, builds interest in the people or public to read the articles or essays written amazingly by her. She is so creative in her thoughts and ideas that even if she is given a minute to express them on a piece of paper, she will definitely not leave the paper empty. So basically, she is a lady who is full of creative ideas and thoughts and this is the ability which has bought her to this stage that her book The Witches has been declared as 'an almost novelistic, thriller-like narrative.'

As already been talked about her famous book Cleopatra, the Pulitzer prize winning biographer got lots and lots of positive response for her. This book has more than seventy five thousand ratings and with about forty five hundred reviews. It was named Cleopatra because it is based on the story of an Egypt queen whose name was, as the title says. Her another book which created a curiosity in the people belonging to this world of books, was Witches. This novel too received a tremendous response from the public, which is actually expected by a book written by Schiff kind of author.

And currently in 2016, she won 'Associates of the Boston Public Library Literary Light Award . So conclusively, since the beginning; Stacy Schiff has been a hit in this World of Authors and she has always proven this statement and she is still proving it further positively!

Randall Munroe English Actor

Randall Munroe

Born on October 17, 1984, in Pennsylvania, USA, Randall Patrick Munroe is an American cartoonist, the creator of the web comic xkcd, author, scientific theorist and engineer. He is the son of an engineer and has younger siblings. His parents brought him up as a Quaker also called the Religious Society of Friends. He was a fanatic of funny cartoons in daily papers from an early age, beginning off with Calvin and Hobbes. After getting graduated from the Clover Hill of the Chesterfield County, a Renaissance Program, Munroe completed graduation with a degree in material science from Christopher Newport University in 2006. In May of 2008, Munroe resided in Somerville of Massachusetts. In October of 2010, his life partner got diagnosed with breast cancer. The emotional impact of the disease referenced in the comic board "Emotions," distributed year and a half later in April of 2012. In September of 2011, he declared that they had married. His diversions and interests incorporate kite photography, in which cameras connected to kites and pictures are then taken off the ground or structures. Munroe functioned as a contract roboticist and programmer for NASA at the Langley Research Centre prior and then afterward his graduation. In October of 2006, NASA did not re-establish his contract, and he shifted to Boston to start composing xkcd full-time. xkcd is fundamentally a stick figure comic with subjects in computer science, mathematics, science, technology, language, philosophy, romance and pop culture. Munroe had initially utilized xkcd as a texting screenname because he needed a name without significance so he would not, in the end, become worn out on it. He enrolled the domain name, however, left it still until the point when he began posting his illustrations in September of 2005. The web comic rapidly turned out to be exceptionally prevalent, collecting up to 70 million hits per month by October of 2007. Munroe now underpins himself by selling of xkcd merchandise, fundamentally a vast number of shirts a month. He licenses his xkcd manifestations under the Creative Commons attribution-non-commercial 2.5, expressing that it isn't just about the free culture development, yet that it additionally makes exceptional business sense. Munroe distributed a compilation of the comics in 2010. He has also visited the lecture circuit, giving discourses at places like Google plex of Google in Mountain View of California. The notoriety of the strip among sci-fi fans brought about Munroe selected for a 2011 Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist and again in 2012. He got the Hugo Award for the xkcd strip name "Time" as Best Graphic Story in 2014. Munroe is the designer of the now old sites "The Fairest," "The Funniest" and "The Cutest," each of which presents clients with two alternatives and requests that they pick one over the other. In October of 2008, The New Yorker magazine online distributed an interview and "Cartoon Off" amongst Farley Katz and Munroe, in which every sketch artist drew a progression of four entertaining cartoons. Munroe keeps up a blog name “What If?” on which he answers queries asked by aficionados of his comics. These inquiries are typically crazy and identified with math or material science, and Munroe solves them utilizing the two his insight and different scholarly sources. He distributed an accumulation of a portion of the reactions, and also, a couple of new ones and some rejected inquiries, in a book “What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions” in 2014. In light of worries about the radioactivity discharged by the Fukushima Daiichi atomic debacle in 2011, and to cure what he depicted as "confusing" details regarding radiation levels in the media, he made a chart of similar radiation exposure levels. It quickly received the outline by print and online columnists in a few nations, including being connected to by online authors for The NYT and The Guardian. As a result of solicitations for consent to reproduce the diagram and to make an interpretation of it into Japanese, Munroe put it in general domain name, however, asked unmistakably to include his non-expert status in any reprinting. He distributed a xkcd-style comic on scientific distributing and open access in Science in October of 2013. Munroe's book name Thing Explainer declared and published clarifies ideas were utilizing just the 1,000 most regular English words in May of 2015. The publisher of the book Houghton Mifflin Harcourt considered these representations as possibly valuable for reading the material and reported in March of 2016 that the following versions of their secondary school-level physics, biology and chemistry textbooks would incorporate chosen illustrations and go with content from Thing Explainer. In September of 2013, Munroe reported that a xkcd readers group had presented his name as a contender for the renaming of asteroid (4942) 1987 DU6 to 4942 Munroe. The International Astronomical Union acknowledge him.


Ramchandra Siras

Ramchandra Siras, born in 1948 in Nagpur, India, was an Indian linguist and author and had worked as a professor at the Aligarh Muslim University, specializing in the Marathi language. He had also been the head of the department of modern Indian languages.He’s been a person who has been both famous and infamous in the public eyes from time to time. Being a man of wits, he has written several short stories in the Marathi language and even got awarded for the same in the year 2002 with Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad for “ Paya Khalchi Hirawal” ( Grass under my feet) Being suffered from fits at a very young age, he was initially advised against marriage but later when it got cured, and things got under control, he was married, but it seemed to have lasted nearly 20 years and later ended in divorce. Later in life, he was also charged with sexually harassing a woman, which even made Aligarh Muslim University think over his deployment, but the case got settled soon, even before he could file any response for the same as the case was shortly withdrawn by the lady. Yet another controversy came his way in 2010 when 2 men forcefully entered his house and caught him being intimate with another man whose identity revealed out to be a rickshaw puller. As a result of the scandal, he got suspended from the university on charges of gross misconduct. It was later, however, found that the men so involved were sent by the university itself. But later he seemed to have won the case against the university, getting back his job since the constitution never prohibited or penalized being homosexual, and this was something which couldn’t be criminalized under any circumstances and seems to be a personal choice of any individual. Consequently, his story got turned into a movie titled “Aligarh”, which tends to have beautifully covered all the bits and parts of his life. But the rickshaw puller who too ended up becoming a part of the same got scared for his life among all such controversies. Later, on April 7, 2010, in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, he took his last breath. Police initially suspected it to be a suicide, but subsequently doubted a murder, but the case soon got closed for lack of any sufficient evidence.

Ramchandra Siras English Actor