Other names of Indubala: Indubala Devi

Indubala was a famous Bengali singer who was influential in the mid-twentieth century. She was born in West Bengal in 1914 and started singing professionally at an early age. Indubala rapidly rose to prominence as a singer of her day because of her training in classical music and great voice. In the 1930s, she started her career as a playback vocalist in the Bengal cinema business. Indubala's flexibility in classical, semi-classical, and folk music was shown throughout her cinematic career and various stage performances and concerts around India.

The sad and profound songs " Amar Swapna Tmi Ogo", Ei Raat Tomar Amar," "Jaa Pakhi bolo tare," and Kotha kotha Chilena" are just a few of the ones that Indubala has performed. She also served as an inspiration for many aspiring young singers of her day. Despite her passing in 1984, Indubala continued to perform and sing, significantly contributing to Bengali music. Her legacy endures because listeners still connect with her song today.