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Other names of Gauriprasanna Mazumder: Gauri Prasanna Majumdar, GAURI MAJUMDAR
Bengali Lyricist Gauriprasanna Mazumder
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Gauriprasanna Mazumdar born on 5 December 1925 in Pabna, Bangladesh. He completed his graduation from Presidency College in Kolkata, West Bengal.  Gauriprasanna is a well-known Indian lyricist, and writer in the Indian cinema, mostly known for his work in the Bangladeshi film industry. He has been working from the Black and white era of the Bengali cinema. He is one of the greatest lyricists, and most prominent figures of the 90s, mostly known as the golden era of Bengali cinema. He was a peer of Kishore Kumar Kishore Kumar is an Indian playback singer, who ha >> Read More... , Nachiketa Ghosh Nachiketa Ghosh was a musical star in India, who m >> Read More... , Robin Chattopadhyay, Hemanta Mukherjee Hemant was an Indian singer who sang in many India >> Read More... and Uttam Kumar.

He also has worked with R.D Barman, Kishore Kumar, Sandhya Mukherjee Sandhya Mukherjee is also known as Sandhya Mukhopa >> Read More... and Manna De. He was also associated with some incredible music composers. Gauriprasanna was known for his lyrics that showed Human-like emotions, and feelings and the words that he used. He has done numerous songs for blockbuster movies. Some of his films names include Agni Pariksha in 1954, Sabar Uparey in 1955, Ekti Raat in 1956, Pathey Holo Deri and Harano Sur 'Harano Sur' is a romantic drama that was >> Read More... in 1958, Indrani in 1958, Chaowa Pawa and Deep Jwele Jaai, Sonar Harin and many more in 1959, Kuhak in 1960, Saptapadi in 1961, Bipasha in 1962, Deya Neya in 1963, Alor Pipasa and Rajkanya in 1965, Antony Firingee, Balika Badhu “Balika Badhu”, is a romantic drama serial based o >> Read More... and Nayika Sangad in 1967, Nishi Padma in 1970, Andha Atit and Stree in 1972, Bon Palashir Padabali and Shriman Prithviraj in 1973, Mouchak in 1974, Sanyasi Raja in 1975, Dhanraj Tamang and Nishan in 1978, Dui Prithibi Dui Prithibi is a Bengali romantic political drama >> Read More... in 1980 and many more.

Some of his songs name are Mago Vabna Keno, Akash Keno Daake, Aj Ei Dinta Moner Khatay, Amar Swapno Tumi, Asha Chilo Bhalobasha Chilo, Aj Dujonar Duti Poth, Ei Balukabelay, Ei Raat Tomar Amar, Ei Poth Jodi Na Shesh Hoy, Ki Ashay Bandhi Khelaghor, Neer Choto Khoti Nei, Mangal Deep Jwele, O Nodi Re, and many more. Gauriprasanna had won many awards such as the Bengal Film Journalists’ Association Awards for best lyricist in 1962 for Swaralipi, 1964 for Palatak, 1968 for Anthony Firingee, 1974 for Bon Palashir Padabali, 1976 for Sanyasi Raja, 1987 for Anurager Chhoan. He also won the National Film Award of Bangladesh for Sesh Porjonto in 1969.

Gauriprasanna passed away on 20 August 1986 at 61 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. On Gauriprasanna’s 25th anniversary of his death on 12th February 2011, there was a musical evening organised in tribute to his contribution to the Bengali cinema at Nazrul Mancha, Kolkata. In 2012 he was awarded the prestigious Bangladesh Mukti Yodha Sammanana Trophy by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina, for his popular compositions “Shono Ekti Mujiborer Theke’’ and “Mago Vabna Keno’’ which became the anthem for Bangladesh War of Liberation in 1971.


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