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Mrinal Sen was a renowned and highly skilled Indian film director. Mrinal was born on 14 May 1923 in Faridpur, Bengal Presidency, British India (currently in Bangladesh). Sen has directed various famous films like Raat Bhore, Neel Akasher Neechey, Baishey Shravana, Maitra Manisha, Ek Adhuri Kahani, Calcutta 71, Chorus, Mrigayaa, Kharij, Genesis, Antares, and the list continues. His core focus was on Hindi and Bengali films. Mrinal’s direction positively influenced the whole Indian cinema. He was the only director in India (along with Satyajit Ray Biographies reveal bare details about the maverick >> Read More... ) whose films received awards at the three biggest film festivals, Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, and Berlin Film Festival.

Mrinal’s priceless involvement led him to win India's two most prominent awards, ‘Padma Bhushan Award’ in 1983 and Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2003. Mrinal received 18 National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... . He was also awarded a France award, Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, and the Russian award, Order of Friendship. The Government of India was highly fascinated by his work and provided him with a shoestring budget. He made a drama film titled Bhuvan Shome, which received enormous love and appreciation from the entire world.

His other films were made, keeping the upheavals of Indian political conditions in the center. He described himself as a “private Marxist.” In 2017, he became a part of the Oscar Academy. Mrinal’s wife was Gita Sen On October 30, 1930, Gita Sen was born in British >> Read More... . But, regrettably, on 30 December 2018, he died. A man who gave a new shine to the film industry left this world. Mrinal is an inspiration for everyone. He indeed told the world the impact of cinema on it. Mrinal’s death has left a void that can never be filled. 


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