Debraj Mukherjee Bengali Actor

Debraj Mukherjee was born on January 1, 1970. He is an Indian actor best known for his role in the short film Bhaar(The Clown), for which he also won Best Actor award at the 1st edition of Indian Indie Film Festival (2020) along with Best Actor (Male) award at the Indian Short Film Festival Awards (July, 2021). Debraj Mukherjee has acted in several other movies – Cholo Potol Tuli (2020), the thriller movie Kanta Tarer Bera(2021), Kisalay (2021).

He was last seen in the role of Major Gupta in 8/12 Binay Badal Dinesh (2022). He is also a part of Andarmahal which is now available on Zee Bangla.

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