Vishal And Karthi Fan Club Help Thanjavur Gaja Victims!

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

Vishal Reddy, the Producer Council President and the Nadigar Sangam General Secretary, has been serving the needy through his Devi trust, which he has been running under his mother’s name. Like Vishal, his fans are also service minded and they took the initiative to help the Gaja victims in the Thanjavur area. The Thanjavur Makkal Nala Iyakkam of Vishal had been doing some rescue services. Now, they have visited the Gaja affected areas and distribute food and other relief materials to the people. If the youngsters start doing services without any expectations, then the affected areas could be restored soon. Similarly, Karthik Sivakumar fan club lead had been providing food to 20, 000 people without any expectation. So, Karthi fan club members presented him a wood cutting machine, for his excellent rendition. Like these people, playback singer “Velmurugan” provide the relief materials to the Gaja Victims.

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