India Overtakes Italy In The Corona Cases!

Friday, June 5th, 2020

When the Coronavirus started spreading, it was the US and Italy, which were affected much. Thousands of people were reported to have coronavirus infection. At that time, India was very much down on the list. Now, when some of the countries started stabilizing, the Coronavirus in India seems to have been spreading fast. Although some experts say that people need not panic and the virus will settle down soon, the spread rate creates a huge fear.

Now, India dragged Italy down and reached the sixth spot, with 234,338 corona positive patients. However, India’s treatment is better and thousands of people are getting discharged daily. Today, Chennai has got 1116 cases. 10, 210 people are discharged so far and there are 9437 active cases in the city. As the discharge rate seems to be good, the state is expected to get back to normalcy soon.


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