After Pray For Nesamani, Netizens Are Trending This!

Monday, March 30th, 2020

Pray For Nesamani, had been a trending last year and Nesamani is none other than the on-screen character of “Vadivelu” in the film, Friends. When the tag was trending worldwide, many people didn’t know from when and where it started. Later, the netizens found out the origin of the tag and the rest is the history (!) Now the netizens are trending Pray For Samuthirakani tag. It is not clearly known, how they started it. After seeing the tag, many people thought that “Samuthirakani” is affected by Coronavirus. But, after seeing the memes, the people had a sigh of relief. Still, now, none know why the tag is trending.

The meme creators started giving different names to Samuthirakani and create images and trending them. For example, they photoshopped his image with that of Donald Trump and named him as Samuthira Trump and similarly, edited him with Periyar’s image and named him as Samuthriyar.