Protecting Yourselves Is Protecting Your Family – Jackie Chan

Saturday, April 4th, 2020

The Universal Hero, Jackie Chan released a video on corona awareness. He said, “Hello I’m Jackie Chan! I know it is a very difficult time for everyone. We all face the same problem, the coronavirus. It is very important to stay at home with your family and follow the rules of your government. If you have to go out, please remember to wear your face mask and wash your hands, frequently. Protecting yourselves is protecting your family. Stay safe! Stay Strong! I believe that we have a brighter future, ahead.”

In the professional front, Jackie Chan will be seen next in “Vanguard,” Project X- Traction, Five Against A Bullet, The Handsome, Chinese Zodiac 2, My Mercenary Career, Once Upon A Zodiac and Rush Hour 4. Besides this, he also produces Wish Dragon. Stay Safe! Stay At Home!

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