New York Doctor Kills Herself Due To Corona Pressure!

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020

Dr Lorna M Breen, who had been working as the emergency room doctor at Presbyterian Allen Hospital in Manhattan, committed suicide yesterday. She was tested positive with coronavirus and had been recuperating. Lorna’s father is also a doctor and he told that Lorna tried to do her job, but it killed her. After getting a call seeking help, the police reached Lorna’s place and admitted her to UVA Hospital.

Lorna’s father, Dr. Philip, stated that Lorna contracted coronavirus, but she had been recuperating and returned to work after a week. But, she was sent home by the hospital management. While speaking over phone for the last time with her father, Lorna had seemed to have been detached and told him about the patients dying even before they reach the ambulance. The 49-year-old doctor had always been a superhero and the hospital where she worked described her in the same way. May her soul rest in peace!

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