Friday, September 25th, 2020

As the saying goes, time is priceless, and one should never waste it. But all those sayings are defied by this global pandemic situation. Dress rehearsals, appointments, workout sessions, table reads, dubbing, shooting are all a part of the busy schedule of celebrities. With the virus spreading through all human interaction, 2020 has forced all the celebrities to remain indoors, giving them an abundance of time at their disposal. What do these celebrities do during their lockdown?

#1 MAKE YOUR OWN FOOD- Samantha Akkineni

Samantha is one of the actors who adopted a vegan lifestyle. She is always ardent and passionate about being healthy and fit. Recently, during this lockdown period, she has taken classes about indoor gardening. It includes growing your own herbs, vegetables. She has also turned to cook her own food like smoothies, green dosa, all by using the vegetables she grew in her garden. Every day she tends to her plants, helping in nurturing them. Being forced to stay indoors did not seem like a hard thing as she gets to enjoy her time with Hash and Drogo, her pet dogs.


Harish Kalyan is a man of all trades. He can sing, play musical instruments, dance, and whatnot. Being at home, he has resorted to working out. He is also into cycling, calling it an alternative and healthy way of getting oneself to work. He has finesse in playing the keyboard. He has played and recorded many songs. Some of his favorite tunes are composed by 'Ilaiyaraaja' like Saaindhu Saaindhu from Neethaane En Ponvasandham. On a playful and creative route, Harish Kalyan and Raiza have released a spin-off WhatsApp text video of their chats as characters from Pyaar Prema Kaadhal on the occasion of its second anniversary.


Dedicating their whole life to movies, thinking about them all the time it becomes engraved in their brain. Working on films is quintessential to the director’s to stay in touch with their work. One such director is Gautham. He had created a spin-off on ‘Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya’ called ‘Karthik dial Seidha Enn.’ Simbu and Trisha starred in it, and it was filmed remotely and edited. It became a huge hit as soon as it was released. He is currently working on other short films as well.


We know "Aishwarya R Dhanush" as a director, playback singer, 'Dhanush’s wife, and 'Rajnikanth’s daughter. The hidden talent that she has is that she is an expert at yoga. This lockdown, she kept herself busy by capturing the various asanas and spreading awareness about their benefits. Doesn’t this remind us of Rajnikanth’s dialogue from Baba as he explains the asanas hidden in all the chores around the house?

#5 BAKERY GOODS CARE PACKAGE- Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Varalaxmi is a versatile actor, an adept dancer, who fits into all the roles given to her. She has resorted to cooking with her leisure time. She has started her own line of baked goods. She has also given it a witty name ‘Life of pie.’ She is selling her confectionaries through social media platforms and asking her customers to pre-order to bake.


Self-defense is a necessity in everyone’s life. Nothing can stress its importance more than current events. Being a cautious and responsible mother of two daughters, Devayani, along with her daughters, are learning a martial art during this year. All of our minds go straight to foreign martial arts like Muay Thai, karate, and Kung Fu. But, what we forget is that we have many forms of defense arts that originated from our motherland and suited to our lifestyle. One such art is Silambam. Devayani has understood the importance of Silambam and reinforcing it my learning it herself.


There was a new feature on Instagram called questions wherein when you open the camera, it shows a bunch of questions, funny, witty, or random, to answer in a time frame. It has become famous, and Shruti Haasan loves answering them. In fact, she is almost addicted to it, posting videos of her answering them even at midnight. She postpones sleep, saying that that question is the last one, after which she would go to bed. The thing is she has a couple of last ones!

#8 WISTFUL THINKING - 'Selvaraghavan'

Being the factory of some of the legendary movies, Selvaraghavan is stuck in his house due to the coronavirus outbreak. Reading and researching were his main activities during this period. Rumor has it that he is currently working on his upcoming project ‘Nenjam Marappathillai’ starring S J Surya.

#9 COOKING AND COOING- Kajal Aggarwal

Who knew the pandemic would sprout so many bakers? The reason why everyone loves to bake is that in baking, you can make no mistakes. After all, it’s butter and sugar, which can never taste bad. Kajal Aggarwal is no exception to that. She has baked many pastries, including carrot cakes, and shared with her family. She also loves playing with her toddler nephew, Ishaan.

#10 BOOK CLUB- Andrea Jeremiah

Andrea is a book worm. She has started a book club of her own, where she puts up a post every month about a book she is reading. She has open discussions about the book. Some of the books are ‘The ice at the end of the world’ and ‘The forty rules of love.’ She has also revealed another side of hers by posting the pictures of the dogs she has rescued and adopted named, Peggy, Ringo, and Rocco. She informed people that there are a lot of things one might not know just by following someone on social media and asked people not to judge a person based on it. She preached to everyone to be kind.