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Vanjaga Kaadhal Tamil TV SERIALS on Zee Tamil
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Vanjaga Kaadhal is a Tamil TV series. The show is a dubbed version of the Hindi serial Tashan-e-Ishq. The show aired on the Zee Tamil channel. Santram Varma Santram Varma was born in 1970, and he is a film d >> Read More... and Hemant N Mishra directed the show. The cast includes Jasmin Bhasin Jasmin Bhasin initially started her career as a M >> Read More... (Twinkle Taneja), Sidhant Gupta Sidhant Gupta is a well-known model and Indian fil >> Read More... (Kunj Sarna)and Naman Shaw Naman was born on 18th December 1982 in Kolkata ,w >> Read More... (Kunj Sarna), Zain Imam Born on May 18, 1988, Zain Imam is an Indian telev >> Read More... (Yuvraj Luthra), Vaishnavi Mahant Vaishnavi Mahant is a prominent TV personality, wh >> Read More... (Leela Oberoi Taneja), Tanushree Kaushal Tanushree Kaushal is one of the prominent, popular >> Read More... (Nirmala Sarna), Aditi Bhatia Aditi Bhatia is an Indian Anchor and Television Ac >> Read More... (Babli Oberoi Taneja), Deepika Amin With notable works including TV shows like ‘Farmaa >> Read More... (Usha Sarna), and Shritama Mukherjee Shritama Mukherjee is renowned Hindi serial actres >> Read More... (Mahi Taneja). The story starts with a couple, Twinkle and Yuvraj. They are madly in love. However, Twinkle’s mother Leela, and Yuvraj’s mother Anita, are rivals. They do not want Twinkle and Yuvraj to marry. Leela fixes Twinkle’s marriage with Kunj.

Twinkle and Yuvraj plan to elope, but Twinkle changes her mind at the last moment as she does not want to break her mother’s heart. Yuvraj gets furious and breaks up with her. She gets engaged to Kunj. Kunj, however, is in love with Alisha. Yuvraj and Twinkle patch up after the engagement. Neither of them wants this wedding to happen and tries to inform the elders but fails. Meanwhile, Twinkle exposes Alisha, who wants to marry Kunj for his property. Twinkle marries Kunj, and they plan to separate after a few months. Twinkle realizes Yuvraj does not love her. He was faking it so that he could marry her and take revenge on his mother, Anita. Twinkle decided to continue her marriage. But Yuvraj keeps on meddling in their lives. Yuvraj realizes he has truly fallen in love with Twinkle and wants her. He tries to kill Kunj but fails. But Twinkle saves Yuvraj when he falls into his own trap. This incident changes Yuvraj’s heart, and he decides not to bother them. But Anita tries to take revenge by killing Kunj.

But Kunj does not die. Later it is revealed that Twinkle is pregnant with Kunj’s child. Leela wants Twinkle to marry Yuvraj so he can be a good father. Twinkle is still in love with Kunj and decides to falsely marry Yuvraj. After 5 years, Kunj resurfaces back in the disguise of Rocky Singh Rocky Singh is an author, and an anchor well known >> Read More... . He sees Twinkle with Yuvraj and thinks she betrayed him. When he discovers the truth of her marriage, he tries to win her back. They fall in love again. Pallavi, who was interested in Rocky could not handle it, and tried to commit suicide but was later murdered. Twinkle and Yuvraj were blamed for the murder. Yuvraj hires Simple to prove their innocence. Simple and Yuvraj fall in love. Simple succeeds in proving their innocence. Twinkle and Kunj are reunited again.


Latha Sethupathi Tamil Supporting Actress
DOB: 7 June 1953
Latha Sethupathi
Shobana Tamil Comedian
DOB: 9 November 1987
Vijay Krishnaraj Tamil TV-Actor
DOB: 12 January 1995
Vijay Krishnaraj
Disha Pandey Tamil Movie Actress
DOB: 17 January 1991
Disha Pandey