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Dance is a beautiful art form to express our emotions. A good dancer has the flexibility and dance moves that can astonish viewers. It becomes a visual treat to our eyes. This show recognizes such unique talents from all over the world by providing a platform to exhibit their dancing skills. To make the show more interesting, celebrities from the television industry are invited to participate in this show. A professional dancer is assigned to a star, and they together perform to win the cash prize of Rs. 15 lakhs.

Judging the performance requires sufficient knowledge about dance and must possess brilliant moves. So, the show has rightly chosen Guruprasad, Rakshita, Yogesh, and  Akul Balaji Akul Balaji, born as Akula Balaji, is an Indian ac >> Read More... for the roles. They notice the minute flaws and pick the right ones for the next episode. Akul Balaji hosts the show in his unique flow. This show airs every Saturday and Sunday. Every episode has a theme with which the contestants should choreograph their performances. Immediately after the grand premiere of pairing up, the next episode shows the excellent chemistry between the contestants through the duet round. In the next episode, local dance forms with mixed sound cuts find its place. Funny elements made people laugh in the following round as they've given the comic theme.

The folk beats rocked the floors by the contestants on the next episode. Valentine's week provoked the contestants to perform elegant romantic performances in the following round. Each episode eliminated one pair, and they got the chance to include themselves in the show through wild card round. Competition spikes through quarter-finals, semi-finals, and grand finale. Who becomes the winning pair with their tedious efforts and mind-blowing performance become the curios part.


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