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Bigg Boss Bigg Boss Tamil is the Tamil language version of t >> Read More... Season 2 Kannada is reality TV show which aired on the Suvarna TV channel. It is a Kannada language series and got inspired by the international Big Brother Click to look into! >> Read More... concept which it adapted for the audience of Karnataka. This series features the second season after the original success of Bigg Boss Kannada once it came on theair the year before this. Suvarna channel had acquired the broadcasting rights from the parent organization of Endemol India, who have hosted Bigg Boss in various languages throughout the country.

Bigg Boss Season 2 Kannada premiered on Indian television on 29th June 2014 and got hosted by the renowned superstar Sudeep. Among the top four finalists in the show, Akul Balaji came out on top as the final winner by garnering the maximum number of votes. After his stellar performance in the Bigg Boss house, we had Srujan Lokesh who came in as the runner-up and was himself a crowd favorite. DeepikaKamaiah followed by ShwethaChengappa came in as the third and the fourth participants respectively. The show has been modeled on the format followed by the original Dutch version of the show which got called Big Brother. It had been originally designed as well as conceptualized by the brain of John de Mol.

Contestants appearing on the series got made to live within a custom designed house. They then stay in there without any contact with the world outside. Their only source of news and information is the show’s host. Each week, the residents got asked to vote against one of their co-inhabitants of the house. The contestant who gets the maximum votes gets eliminated and gets made to exit. The participants chosen to appear on the show are celebrities from numerous different fields. The show has fourteen participants to start off. They were later joined by a wild card entrant bringing the total inhabitants to fifteen. They then get eliminated from the program week after week. The series does not possess a steady set of guidelines for the participants. They need to live amidst each other according to the directions which get shared by the show’s host with them.

Many times, there is an atmosphere of anarchy in the house as people attempt to get seen and liked over the other participants. The elimination round each week happens according to the likability and charm of the player. All the participants at varying points of time get involved in various acts in order to survive the show.


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