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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Gaalipata is an emotional soap drama which has been airing on ETV Kannada for a long time. The serial is about life, fate and unfavorable circumstances and how one puts their family’s needs above their own needs. It has been airing for many years and has completed over 1200 episodes in the year 2014.

The story follows two sisters Pragna and Prathiksha. Pragna is a modern girl who went abroad. She is now returning to India after completing her education. She comes to know through her uncle that her sister Prathiksha has taken extreme actions. Prathiksha was married to a guy when Pragna left India. She comes back to find out that her sister has ditched her husband. She also comes to know that she has run away with her lover, Shashank.

Pragna’s Uncle is furious with Prathiksha and looks for a way to settle the whole incident and not let shame come to the family name. The uncle comes up with a solution that Pragna should marry her sister’s husband and sort everything out.Pragna has just returned to India after staying abroad for so many years yet, she still has her traditional values intact. She values her family and their needs above her own needs. She agrees to her uncle’s plotting and marries Prathiksha’s husband, even though in reality she is in love with Aditya.

As the plotline suggests the story basically comprises of the fights, struggles and difficult decisions of Pragna and Prathiksha’s life which in turn shape their futures. Both the sisters have a lot of strength to tackle different situations and they do not give up. They handle their life situations and come out on the other side with no regrets.

Various other characters in the series like Aditya, Anuradha, Tara, Sushila, Tulsi make the plotline of the drama complicated with every new episode.