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Radha is a drama series which got aired on the Colors Kannada channel. It is a Kannada language show which got broadcasted every weekday from Monday to Friday in the 9:00 to 9:30 PM time slot. The program follows the protagonist Radha on her journey and the obstacles she faces in life. She has seen a life of hardships from a young age and has borne them all with a smiling face. Radha through her various adventures also goes on to make many enemies who try to trip her up in different ways.

The series show us how she faces these obstacles and what she does to get ahead of them and move on with her life. As the show opens, we get introduced to two sisters. They both look after each other and their parents. They get loved and admired by everyone including their parents, relatives, friends, and their neighbors. One day, however, their life gets flipped upside down. Their father passes away all of a sudden leaving the family alone to fend for themselves. In this testing scenario, the girls get left distraught with very few options for the days ahead. Before he passed away, he had confessed to Radha that he would like to see her married to his best friend’s son. She didn’t want to get engaged and was quite hesitant.

However, with the death of her father, she decides to honor his dying wish. She thus gets married to the person her father had chosen. But there was one fact which she had hidden. She was actually in love with another man. In spite of her heart yearning for another man, she decides to put these feelings aside and get married to her father’s friend’s son. It is thus that she begins her newly married life. She hopes to leave behind the hardships from before her marriage. Her dreams of having a fresh start are short-lived, however. There are a new set of challenges waiting for her at her in-laws. She faces obstructions and problems from various people, and she must now deal with them as well. As the story progresses, she becomes pregnant as well and gives birth to a healthy child. However, one of her relatives Bharati creates mischief and manages to injure Radha.

Once Radha returns from her pregnancy, she finds it difficult to care for her child. Things get so far that she even neglects her child in the process. The turn of events baffles everyone, and they get left wondering as to what has happened to her.


Aparna Kannada TV-Actress
Hima Kannada TV-Actress
Devika Kannada Supporting Actress
Vidyabhushana Kannada Musician
DOB: 10 July 1952
Puneeth Rajkumar Kannada Movie Actor
DOB: 17 March 1975
Puneeth Rajkumar