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Instant Khichdi Instant Khichdi was a series and telecast on Star >> Read More... is a SitCom based on the lives of a middle class Gujarati family who move into their deceased aunt’s house where they happen to find oil which makes them rich overnight. It shows the family trying to adjust into the higher society norms with their new found wealth.

Instant Khichdi was preceded by Khichadi and followed by a film Khichdi: The Movie.


Anang Desai Anang Desai was born on May 4, 1953 at Ahmedabad. >> Read More... as Tulsidas Parekh/Babuji: Anang Desai is a well know TV and film actor famous for his lovable role of Babuji. He is also known for his roles in serials like India Calling India Calling was the first daily soap launched by >> Read More... , KumKum...Ek Pyaara sa Bandhan, Sanskaar Laxmi Sanskaar laxmi is actually a very interesting name >> Read More... , Shree and many more.

Rajeev Mehta Rajeev Mehta is a famous Indian television and Bol >> Read More... : He plays the role of Praful Parekh Praful Parekh is well-known for his screenplay, st >> Read More... . Rajeev Mehta is known for comical roles in various serials like Baa, Bahoo aur Baby and Taarak Mehta Tarak Janubhai Mehta, better known as Taarak Mehta >> Read More... ka Ooltah Chashmah. He has also worked in movies like Rangeela, Waqt and Bbuddah hoga tera Baap.

Supriya Pathak Supriya Pathak is an Indian actress who has been r >> Read More... : She plays the role of Hansa Praful Parekh. She is known for giving bizarre explanations of English terms and sentences. She made her debut in acting with the movie Kalyug in 1981. She is well known for her negative role in the recent movie Goliyon ki Rasleela Ram Leela.

Vandana Pathak Vandana Pathak, who plays the character of Bakula >> Read More... : She is known for her role as Jayshree Parekh. She is the widowed daughter-in-law and a complete gossip monger. Vandana Pathak is a noted Hindi TV actress famous for her work in Hum Paanch.

Jamnadas Majethia Versatile man of many talents, J D Majethia or Jam >> Read More... : He plays the role of Himanshu Seth. J D Majethia is a TV actor, director and producer. He has worked in Sindhi and Gujarati plays. He is the founder of Hats off Production with Aatish Kapadia Aatish Kapadia is a well-known writer, producer, a >> Read More... .

The show was aired on Star One from 2005-2006 completing 37 hilarious episodes.

Another version of this story...
Khichdi is a traditional Indian dish which has a number of disparate and different ingredients in it forming a complete meal in itself. It is this theme of amalgamation of different characters that the TV show carries forward. Khichdi is a unique TV show in the Indian context as it was one of the first comedy shows to not use the laughter track or slapstick humor.
It follows the lives of a Gujrati joint family living in a mansion as they look to tackle seemingly mundane and everyday situation with hilarious originality. The show has struck a chord with the viewers and has been aired successfully since 2002. It is also the first Indian TV show to spawn a movie. The main leads of the show have developed a huge fan following with Rajeev Mehta (Praful) and Supriya Pathak (Hansa) being clear favorites. Catch phrases like ‘Bade Log, Bade log’ are recognizable to even the most casual of TV watchers. The characters are also written in a realistic manner with flaws unlike the larger than life portrayal that is standard for Indian television.
This helps them appear ‘real’ and closer the everyday reality of peoples lives. Khichdi is meant to appeal to the entire family and be watched together. This means that any sort of profanity or sexuality is a huge no-no for prime time Indian television. Credit must be given to the writing staff that had the courage to try something new in a television industry which is often content to stick to the tried and trusted formulas.
While most western shows follow a ‘season’ format, Indian shows air throughout the year. Khichdi broke that trend and aired in seasons which was something revolutionary at the time. The show continues to appeal to a wide range of audiences across different demographics and has continued to churn out laughs. A recurring theme in the show is the unconditional love for family underneath all the minor bickering and scheming and that is something that the Indian audiences hold very dear.
Even now, a large majority of the families live in the joint family set up and the constant struggle between breaking free of the fold and staying within traditional boundaries has is something the finds resonance in a large majority of the viewers. With genuine laugh out loud moments and memorable characters, Khichdi seems to be set to continue to tickle our funny bones for the foreseeable future. A gem among Indian programming.

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