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Alaxmi - Hamari Super Bahu Hindi Tv serials on Life ok
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Alaxmi Ka Super Parivaar is a family show, which was aired on Life OK as Alaxmi ka Super Parivaar. It is inspired by the Bengali show, Sansaar Sukher Hoy Romonir Gune. The show follows the adventures of Laxmi as she gets married into the Kapadia household. It is produced by Hats-Off Production and sees many of their renowned actors such as Supriya Pathak Supriya Pathak is an Indian actress who has been r >> Read More... , Anang Desai Anang Desai was born on May 4, 1953 at Ahmedabad. >> Read More... and Deven Bhojani Deven Bhojani is an Indian TV serial actor who was >> Read More... , who have starred in many acclaimed shows in the past. Alaxmi - Hamari Super Bahu takes place in Dwarka.

Natwarlal Kapadia lives there with his brother Mohandas who gave birth to three sons. The sons are married and they all live under the same roof. The women of the household continuously fight amidst themselves and in turn make their husbands fight. Mohandas also has grandchildren who are stuck in the middle of the family’s arguments. A few kilometers away exists a village, Sajjan, where Laxmi lives. She is an orphan girl and resides with her aunt and uncle. The entire village calls her Alaxmi because of her adventures throughout the village.

At home, her Mami and two cousins are very mean towards her but she finds love and support from her Mama and another cousin who look after her. Alaxmi is popular with the children who live in the village and follow her around. She is especially friendly with Mini who is as old as her. Mini is shown to be getting ready for marriage to Mohandas’ eldest son Kishan. Mohandas and Natwarlal thus arrive at Sajjan with Kishan. Once there, Mohandas observes Laxmi and her crazy antics all over the village.

He understands that Laxmi doesn’t sheds tears or backs down even in the toughest of circumstances and always finds a solution for all problems. Mohandas gets convinced that she can set his household right once and for all. He thus gets Kishan married to Laxmi and takes her back to Dwarka with them. At home, Laxmi refuses to behave in a traditional manner and proceeds to set things straight the way she sees fit without getting overtly preachy.

The show follows her challenges in the new household and the problems she faces with her out of the box thinking to rectify problems and unite the whole family as one under the same roof. Hats-Off Productions have delivered super hit shows in the past like ' Khichdi Instant Khichdi is a SitCom based on the lives of >> Read More... ', 'Sarabhai vs Sarabhai' and 'Baa, Bahu aur Baby'. They have all garnered immense praise and applause both from viewers and the critics. They are known for their content backed by powerful performances which enchant the viewers.


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