Shubhangi as a child has traveled to several cities in Maharashtra state mostly due to her father being a judge. Her father performed his duties honestly, and her mother worked as a housewife. She was quite fond of books and participated well in the debate at school. Well in college, she took classes in acting and drama and decided to make her career in the theatrics. She performed her first play and met Mohan Gokhale Mohan Gokhale was an Indian movie actor, TV and th >> Read More... , who later married her.

After ten years of break and tragic death of her husband, she finally made the comeback in the serial "Gangadhar Tipre." Shubhangi Gokhale also knows by several names such as Shubhangi Sangvi, Shyamla from the comedy Gangadhar Tipre and Lapatganj's Mishri Mausi. Shubhangi has worked in several Films and TV shows. Some of her best performances are from "Aga Bai Arechya", "Zenda", "Kon AAhe Re Tikade," "Sa Sasucha". Her performances in TV shows like "Lapataganj", "Hum Hai Naa - Hindi" and "Eks Lagnachi Tisari Goshta."

Besides dedicating his time for acting, she also spends quality time to write stories and articles.

Shriya Bisht Hindi Actress

Shriya Bisht

Born and brought up in Nainital, having no intention of pursuing acting, had her photos passed around, within the television industry through her friends and happened to be offered meaty roles in sitcoms. Shriya initially started out with performing on the small screen for a nationwide audience on shows such as; Karam Apna Apna and Kasauti Zindagi Kay by Ekta Kapoor, which helped her gain several well-known contacts from different industries. Before this experience, she practiced being a training manager at an MNC, in Mumbai for about four years. However being an artist, doesn’t curtail her talents specifically to acting. Rather, she is a multi-talented artist. She paints and creates other artistic works from inspirations received from her tours and vacays. She tried her hand at fashion and then realized, she had a flair for it and decided to pursue further, studies in fashion at the Parsons New School of Design. Shriya then decided to step into the market by offering a style that hadn’t been introduced before and thus, brought about a luxury collection of attire that embraces both comfort and fashion. One could sleep, travel and go on about their regular day to day life without receiving glares or bad judgement. She labeled her designs to be the ‘Sleepwalker’ collection, which is pretty catchy since people out there have those days when they simply wanna take a chill pill and zone out of world’s pressures. This label urges the target audience/ customers to make more room for this collection, in their wardrobes.