Whenever we think of a silver screen, the image that comes to our mind, the hero must be handsome, good looking like a Greek god. Some heroes are contrary to this imagination, Vineet Sharma is like that, who is talented, over-confident and hard looking hero, has left a mark of this trend, by his hard works. His first entry into the film was in 2000 in the film ‘Mission Kashmir’ and the very first film gave him an identity in Bollywood film industry. In this film he played the role of Gurdeep Singh. This film was his stepping stone, that gave him confidence and he appeared in his second film with the superstar Shahrukh Khan in the movie ‘Ashoka The Great’. Thereafter he did not look back. He acted in different films such as, ‘ Sona Spa’, ‘ Aakrosh’, which was released in 2010 and in this film he played the character of CBI officer Keshav. His other movie was ‘World Cupp 2011’and in this film his role was of Rajiv Pujan. Though not played the role of a hero, but his common face with powerful acting made the audiences to identify him in the films ‘Contract’, ‘ Kaal’, ‘ No Smoking’. In recent movies like ‘ Badlapur Boys’, ‘ Singham Returns’, ‘ Rajjo’, ‘ Krish’ he has played his role in a conquering way and people can not forget the characters he played in the films. Bollywood superstar has dedicated twelve years of his career in this line and has acted different roles from a corrupt officer, reporter, or a Hindu fanatic, every time he proves his credibility in his roles. It has never come up with a make believe way. In ‘Singham Returns’ his acting as Dev Phadnis is a remarkable milestone. We hope he will go high beyond expectation by his acting.
Tej Sapru Hindi Actor

Tej Sapru

He is the son of an actor and actress of Hindi films, D.K Sapru and Hemvati. We might have seen a face of an aged man mostly wearing Spectacles. He is none of them but only Sapru who worked in so many films of Indian cinema. Some of them are popular films such as Gupt, Sirf Tum, Saajan. He acted in more than 194 films. Sapru is mostly seen as in a negative role in the films as film also needs some negative characters to be more interesting. Tej Sapru is a successful actor of Indian film industry and married. People loved his acting in a famous t.v serial Chandragupt maurya in which he was roled as a Amatasya Rakshas. Tej also acted in so many popular television serials like Tumhari Pakhi, Qubool Hai, Mahadev on life ok. These serials are mostly seen by people nowadays. Tej Sapru is a one of the oldest actor of Indian cinema. One of his hit film is Doli Saja Ke Rakhna in which he acted as a role of a lovable brother , which can bring tears in anyone’s eyes. His acting skills make him a versatile actor. Another Version Ranging back to the olden times, D.K Sapru was an Indian actor born in Kashmir and working in Bollywood films. His life span was from 1916-1979. He has a list of well-made films. Sahib Bibiaur Ghulam is a classic piece of filmmaking. Heer Ranjha also showed wonderful results. His film Pakeezah was also a hit on the box office. He rose as a villain 1960s and 1970s but then started to display a variety of roles. Daya Kishan Sapru was the fourth child of his parents. He had siblings, four brothers and two sisters, and the name Sapru helped him greater heights of success. His father worked as a treasurer with the Dogra Kingdom, under Maharaja Hari Singh. The family had two homes, one at Jammu and other at Lahore. Hence, they moved from here to there. Sapru is very fluent in Urdu. Although he did not have the privilege of studying English, he bought papers himself and studies them to grasp that language. One point was that he never played the role of a poor man. In all his films, he has either played a prince, a king, a Thakur, a Zamindar, or a police com¬missioner. Sapru had royal looks, which is why, in Krodhi he played a Pujari and in Kudrat he played a Nawab. He was also good with music. Every time he used to be the centre of attraction for everybody. He was an introvert person with the least of demands. Although he took up the job of a contractor, he was pretty keen on joining the film industry. He was pretty successful initially but later due to his wrong decisions he suffered. He had to sell his bungalow to pay off his debts. He also purchases books and learn homeopathy. He treated people for free. His end came when the doctor spotted a speckle on his neck and took it to be cancerous. But it was not. Still that shock made him feel low, and he died due to a heart attack.