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‘Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondoo’ is an Indian television family drama that broadcasted on Imagine Tv between 2010-2012 and was produced by Nautanki Films, written by Raakesh Paswan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Vandana Tiwari. The lead roles were played by Juhi Aslam Juhi Aslam is a popular television artist, who is >> Read More... (Bharti Chauhan) and Vikrant Massey Vikrant Massey, who is a TV actor, was born in Nag >> Read More... (Murli Laal). Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondoo ran for two seasons with a total of 399 episodes.

Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondoo is a story of a 22-year-old girl who is just like any other girl of her age. Also, she is very pretty, extremely talented, disciplined and well mannered but her short height stands as an obstacle from all other people, her being a dwarf woman gives a lifelong struggle to be accepted and treated normally like any other normal girl. Bharti's father, Rupesh Chauhan (Shailesh Datar) is are very rich and wants to marry Bharti to get married at any cost but no one wants a dwarf bahoo.

Finally, he finds a suitable match ‘Murli’ for Bharti, who rescues Bharti from the people who were making fun of her. When Bharti’s father sends a marriage proposal to Murli’s father, he was at first not very happy but later agrees because this marriage will help his family in getting his younger sister married.

In the wedding, Bharti’s father gifts a lavish bungalow so that she can live in comfort. This annoys Murli a lot, but the other family member’s greed for wealth increases. After marriage Murli continuously ignored Bharti but as time passes, he falls in love with her and Bharti gives birth to a healthy baby boy (Vihaan).

The family then decides to send them both to Vaishno Devi where Murli loses Bharti but finds her later again after a lot of struggle. Murli's brother and sister- in- law, Mridang ( Darshan Gandas Darshan Gandas who is a famous actor in the street >> Read More... ) and Gaushala (' Ashita Dhawan Gulabani Ashita Dhawan is an Indian Television actress born >> Read More... ') plan to rob all their money and decide to run away. But in hurry Gaushala picks Vihaan by mistake. When she realizes that she stops to bring her daughter back but Mridang asks her to choose between wealth and her daughter. She chooses wealth. Later Mridang controls Murli by threatening him for his son. Between all this, Murli’s sister’s wedding ceremony is stalled, and ‘Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondoo’ takes a leap of 20 years.

During 2nd season, most of the characters from the 1st season die except Bharti and Dumroo, who is Murli’s eldest brother. Dumroo's daughter, Rimjim (Anmol Singh) is a grown up and is mature and quiet by nature where on the other hand the daughter of Mridang and Gaushala, Jasmine is the complete opposite to Rimjhim. She is selfish and rude.

Later Dumroo and Bharti revealed in talking how Murli was murdered by his brother Mridang in an attempt to save Vihaan. And later she finds out that she is pregnant with another child. Vihaan, now 21, is shown as a responsible and mature guy and Bharti's second son is shown as a loafer. Bharti decides to marry her most loyal business secretary's elder daughter Pari ( Shalini Sahuta Shalini Sahuta, a famous Indian actress who has al >> Read More... ) with Vihaan, but Pari wants to marry Aditya because of as Vihaan’s stammering problem.

Pari then meets Vihaan to tell him that she thought it was Aditya’s marriage proposal and that is only why just she agreed. Knowing the fact, Vihaan rejects the proposal. Later his and Pari’s sister (Komal) get engaged, and Pari and Aditya’s marriage also gets fixed. After marriage, she finds out that Aditya doesn’t have much command on business as Vihaan so then she starts creating misunderstandings between Vihaan and her sister. The Serial was going well in terms of TRP, but the channel stopped broadcasting its service. Many viewers were very disappointed by this as they used to watch ‘Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondoo’ regularly.


Jyoti Gauba Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 16 July 1983
Jyoti Gauba
Dara Singh Hindi Supporting Actor
DOB: 19 November 1928
Dara Singh
Ketki Kadam Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 2 July 1991
Ketki Kadam