Iqbal Azad Hindi Actor

The experienced actor Iqbal Azad is native to the city of Gujarat. However, his father grew up in Mumbai and then moved to Patna which led him to be brought up in both the cities. Conversely, his mother was from Himachal, so Iqbal refers to himself as belonging to 4 states; he strongly believes in the importance of keeping in mind where one came from. Iqbal had always been interested in acting and had planned on becoming an actor from a very young age. In his 12th grade, he worked at an amateur theatre and took his career from there.

He has appeared in many serials of different types and movies as well. In the year 2005, he played the character of Abbas Ali Baig a.k.a. Boxer in the crime drama Special Squad Special Squad is an Indian crime drama series broa >> Read More... Special Squad (Star One). Boxer was a reformed bad boy who had turned into a hard-core detective but because of his previous dark background, he could understand why people turned to committing crimes. This created sympathy in him and he continued to strive in trying to rehabilitate criminals. Nevertheless, he was an excellent investigator with his wit and skills. Then, he was brought to the series Sajda Tere Pyaar Mein on Star Plus along with Rohit Roy Born on 5th April, 1968, Rohit Roy is an extremely >> Read More... Rohit Roy as a way of increasing the ratings of the otherwise averagely doing show. The show never revived itself, though, and ended its short run the same year it began.

Iqbal also appeared in the episode “Witness” for the episodic Star Best Sellers and on the serial, Choti Maa. Moreover, he appeared on the drama, Crime Patrol, and thriller movie '340' (2009), ‘Mukt’ (2001) and had a special appearance in the film It’s a Man’s World (2010). Apart from this, he further served as the replacement for Abir Goswami Abir Goswami was an Indian Film and Television act >> Read More... Abir Goswami on the Sahara One show in 2013.

Iqbal is currently seen in the show Nadaniyaan – Teen Naadaanon Ki Kahaani that has been airing since 2013 on BIG Magic. This show was a remake of the Pakistani comedy serial of the same name where Iqbal plays the role of lazy TV writer, Naman Verma (Nandu) who is perpetually unemployed. The actor likes singing and listening to music in his free time. His favorite colors are maroon and navy blue, with his favorite food being grilled chicken. His inspiration is his mother.